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     People often wonder about things that are strange to them. Things that are different peak their curiosity, but if they do not understand what they see then they can get scared. The fear leads to anger and sometimes violence. So here are some facts about transmen everyone should know in the hopes that the light of education will crush out the anger of fear.

  • Transgender men typically take testosterone treatments and It can change their lives in amazing ways. It can save them from a life of unhappiness and insecurity, make them more comfortable in their bodies and bring about the male characteristics that are desired.
  • Testosterone treatments will help transmen get facial hair, muscles, their hair gets a little bit thicker, their libido increases and so does their appetite. There is also fat redistribution and changes in mood.
  • Not all transmen prefer to be referred to as "He". There are a lot of pronouns available so it is a good idea to ask them which they prefer.
  • Transmen use "Packers" to simulate male genital which can have problems. For example it might end up sliding down a pant leg, leading to great embarrassment. STP Packers ( Stand to Pee) packers can leak and be difficult to use. Packers can be anything from a water filled condom to a sock to a store bought item, whatever makes them feel comfortable.
  • Transmen use Bindings or Binders to compress their chests to look more masculine.
  • Trans does not equal Gay.
  • Transitioning does not change their sexual orientation.
  • Transmen suffer from Gender Dysphoria about their bodies much the same as transwomen do.
  • Transmen vary in how far they want to go into transition. Some guys only want top surgery, while others only want testosterone. Still more will get the full meal deal consisting of top and bottom surgery as well as the hormones.
  • Sex with a transman can be absolutely wonderful or a complete disaster. Communication is key and make sure you ask him what he calls his packer.
  • Not all transmen are angry aggressive people. Like any population only a small percentage react to the hormones that way.
  • Eating disorders and self harm are common due to the self hatred they have for themselves and the lateral hostility that exists within the transgender community.
  • Transmen can be a little "baby faced" so don't be surprised if they are older than you think they are.
  • Transitioning is not cheap for transmen. There are endless expenses and procedures to endure.
  • It's very difficult for transmen to find clothing that fits. They either get a choice between having a baggy look or shopping in the children's section of the mens store.

     So there you have it, common facts surrounding the transsexual man and the struggles he faces in daily life. Now that you know a little bit more about them there is no reason to fear. They are humans, just like you and me, and their medial issues make no difference to that fact. Please treat them with the respect they deserve.

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