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Facts About Writing Online For Passive Income

By Edited Nov 24, 2014 19 30

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Facts About Passive Income

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Facts about writing online for passive income is an article addressing some of the pros and cons of trying to create a passive income stream by producing and publishing on line content.

From the beginning, most people are drawn in by the allure of promised riches with  little or no effort. The brutal fact is unless you happen to pop out the next Facebook or Twitter, your efforts will take a great deal of time and a serious amount of effort to produce any kind of considerable results.

Get ready to invest your heart and soul, along with your time, as the task at hand is to build a library of content, a collection of articles. Then get ready to write some more, as 6 to 8 months pass. This is about how long it takes for a good article to age within the search engines to it's proper rank.

So waiting 6 to 8 months for a return may seem like a long time but... You will not be bored. There are bookmarks to post for your articles. These are short blurbs on blogs and websites which are related to your content. Place a link every time you have a spot to place a link. Target high page rank sites and .edu as well as .org sites, these sites carry a lot of link juice.

Use all of the social networks you can to get the word out about your work. This kind of networking can leverage your friends by getting them to pass your link to their friends and so on and so on. Twenty friends passing one link to twenty friends each adds up to a bucket load of back links to your work.

Publishing Your Work For Residual Income

Where Do You Do It?

Where you decide to publish your work will depend on some variables, such as the type of content your writing. You'll look for a revenue sharing site that publishes your type of content.

Look at all the writer sites that come up in a search for revenue sharing article sites. InfoBarrel is the best in my humble opinion but there are literally hundreds of choices out there. Make sure to look at the percentage of revenue the site pays.

Some article directories pay 50% to the writer. Some pay more, some pay less. InfoBarrel pays 75% to its writers and allows the writer to contributed more content and raise this to a whopping 90 percent.

You'll also want to look at the rank of the site with both Google and Alexa. These two snippets of information can show you what the majority of users think of a site. There may be reviews you can read from other writer. Check the forums and see if the click is for you.

All of the above and anything else you can find out about each site should be compared until you find several you'd like to try. All of your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. Spread your work over at least three sites and interlink the work between these sites as well. This will make your work much more likely to get a good ranking in the search engine listings.

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More About Getting Your Content Noticed

When writing content that will be published online, it must be written in a way that search engine algorithm will have no problem finding. This means using search engine optimization techniques, or SEO. Simply put, you have certain keywords within your article that will pop up when someone performs a search. Your goal is to use the proper keywords that will attract the targeted traffic you need.

There are many tools available online,  to help develop good SEO writing. Once you master what the engines are looking for you'll find it much easier to rank well. This will eventually translate into a good return. It does take time. As I've stated earlier this is no get rich quick scheme.

try to think of the whole thing as a building process. One block at a time you'll build a house. The house turns into a town and then a city and then a planet of information all interconnected. This is how you get your world to the rest of the world.

So take these facts about writing online for passive income and run with it. Post a million articles on InfoBarrel. Then find a good second and third site to write some more and link back to the first ones.

OK maybe a million is a little bit of a stretch, just give it your all, write with passion and the intent to offer something useful to people and they will beat a path to you door.



Feb 18, 2012 9:59am
Great info on writing online for money.

This is a longtime project. It is not like write an article and see the money. For this to happen you have to find the subjects which are popular - something people like to read about.

Thanks for a very good article. Thumbs up.
Feb 18, 2012 10:31am
Investments in our future. Thats what I consider this work as. Thanks for the visit!!
Feb 18, 2012 10:16am
This is a great article about writing online for income, especially for newbies. Thanks for sharing!
Feb 18, 2012 10:33am
Making money at this will take time. You can escalate the speed of progress by speeding up the level of content you produce. Just remember that quanity doesn't always trump quality.
Feb 18, 2012 11:40am
When it comes to writing online content, I'd say you need both quality and quantity. Having one or two excellent articles won't make you much money, but having 500 or more poorly written ones won't do much better. So to me, your information is on the spot. I appreciate the advice to write on more than one site. Makes sense. I'll have to check out the other options.
Thank you!
Feb 18, 2012 11:47am
Exactly. Make it matter and make it matter often. Thanks for the visit!!
Feb 22, 2012 7:54pm
Thumbs up on this. You've imparted good advice and information. What we all just need to remember is that none of us will write a bunch of articles then quit, and sit back and collect on them the rest of our lives. Our articles at some point will become obsolete because of dated material, etc. and get dropped from search results. Quitting writing is not an option if we expect to keep seeing the income.
Feb 23, 2012 9:17am
Thanks Divaonline. Good to see you and thanks so much for the kind words.
Feb 29, 2012 1:22am
great article. I just signed up at Infobarrel and this is just the kind of motivation I need to continue writing online for passive income.
Feb 29, 2012 1:44am
Welcome to InfoBarrel and your right it does take motivation and perseverance. Keep at it and it eventually pays off.
May 4, 2012 1:50am
Writing online is a very different experience. This is the second content sharing site that I am working on. I have been writing online now for about 4 months. Patience is the key.
May 4, 2012 10:16am
That's the truth. Patience.
Thanks for the visit.
May 4, 2012 4:32pm
This is a great article about writing for passive income. I only started here six weeks ago, so I have a lot of time to wait, but in that time I plan to just keep adding more to my directory of articles.
May 4, 2012 8:23pm
You have the right idea. Good luck and thanks for the visit.
Oct 20, 2012 3:27pm
Brilliant article, it has inspired me to really try to socialise everything I do and use mini-blog sites. Thanks!
Oct 20, 2012 3:45pm
It all helps, thanks for coming by.
Jan 16, 2013 9:34pm
great info
Jan 17, 2013 5:28pm
This is very helpful for a beginner like me. Thank you for sharing.
Feb 27, 2013 2:10am
Dreamaker, thanks for this article. The section about getting a base collection of articles in the one spot first, like here on Info Barrel, before branching out to a second or third site, is what I've been considering doing. It's tempting to begin on another site at the same time but I personally feel that for me, it may all be a bit too much to concentrate on whilst taking first steps into this adventure. Are there other reasons as to why you think this is the best way to start?
Feb 27, 2013 5:27am
Basically you need to get it down before you scatter all your work around. It's a lot easier to promote your work from one site. Thanks a lot for stopping by.
Feb 27, 2013 7:23am
Another reason to stay on one site is to learn what works. How I style my articles here is different that how I do it on Squidoo or Zujava. If I only wrote ten articles, gave up, and went to another site, how would I know what is the best method for me to earn here?

I take what I know and can use it elsewhere, as some of the tools you use are the same. Then you can interlink the articles on IB to your new stuff, and vice-versa. My expression is to "Bloom where you are planted." Stick with IB and watch how much you improove writing-wise and money-wise over time.
Mar 11, 2013 12:00am
Great article, dreamaker! Thanks for the candid gut-check; I think it's important for people starting out (myself included) to recognize that the best investment one can make is patience.
Mar 11, 2013 12:01am
Great article, dreamaker! Thanks for the candid gut-check; I think it's important for people starting out (myself included) to recognize that the best investment one can make is patience.
Mar 29, 2013 7:54pm
Very helpful advice, thanks dreamaker :)
Mar 29, 2013 8:11pm
You're very welcome thanks for the visit.
Jun 19, 2013 5:40pm
Hi Dreamaker,Reaping passive income by writing on line is very interesting and informative.It is taking me too long to familiarize myself with Infobarrel not to mention other sites.For this reason,I have decided to put all my eggs in one basket and write for Infobarrel and see what I reap before jumping to other sites. Infobarrel community needs to consider foreigner writers who ae not Americans.For example,being an affiliate of Chitika,Amazon and possessing Google Adsense Account are some of the demands of Infobarrel.These demands have created confusion to me and I could have written more article for infobarrel. Foreigner writers feel discouraged.What is your view on this?
Mar 1, 2014 12:55am
Thanks for the great advice
I had not thought of liking between the sites that you write articles.
I have been focusing on InfoBarrel but I think once I am established here I might start writing for selected other sites.
Mar 10, 2014 8:39am
I definitely made this mistake with my blogs. I came out with half a dozen at the same time, right after panda hit, because I was doing so well with my low-carb blog. That was a big mistake. It was way more than I could manage. I think I'm going to go back to the starting line, focus on one or two, and then slowly branch out from there.
Mar 10, 2014 10:08am
I appreciate the idea of not putting all your eggs in one basket, and using several platforms to build up your own brand. Food for thought. Tnx ;)
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