About the Sencha Green Tea

Initially, the Sencha green tea was introduced to Japan from China. Currently, Sencha is a leading tea brand in Japan and it constitutes about 75% of all the tea made in Japan. There are so many Sencha tea processors in Japan all seeking to come up with the best quality of Sencha Japanese green tea. Visit most of the Japanese homes and restaurants and you can be sure of accessing the acclaimed Sencha tea.

Actually, the Sencha Japanese green tea is made from top quality young leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant. The tea experts steam the leaves to prevent fermentation. The green color of the leaves is maintained. The steamed leaves are less bitter and they have a pleasant flavor and fragrance.

Japanese Sencha Green Tea

How to prepare the Sencha Japanese Green Tea

The process of making Sencha green tea has been mastered by many experts in Japan. After being plucked the leaves are steamed for fifteen to forty five seconds and this helps in preventing oxidation. If the right procedure is followed, the process of making the Sencha green tea is no hard task at all.


The first step when preparing the Sencha  Japanese green tea involves gradually heating the water to a favorable temperature. The recommended temperature is 160-170 degrees.  If the water is too hot, the leaves may end up being scorched and this would spoil their flavor.  Pour the heated water over the Sencha leaves and steep the leaves for one to three minutes. Over steeping the leaves will end up burning the leaves making them bitter. Over heating the leaves may also affect their nutritional value lowering their health benefits.

Japanese Green Tea brewing technique

How to Access the Sencha Green Tea

Usually, the Sencha green tea is not only good for its health benefits but also it is its superior taste that differentiates it from the other types of green teas. You could benefit from learning how to purchase the best Sencha Japanese green tea without spending too much of your money.

The first step may involve identifying a reliable local store from where you can purchase the Sencha tea. If you are buying the tea for the first time, go to a store where you can freely examine the Sencha green tea before purchasing it. You may also request to be assisted by the employees or the customer service personnel while purchasing the tea for the very first time.

You do not necessarily have to invest all your money on the Sencha Japanese green tea. You could buy a small amount of Sencha green tea alongside other types of green teas. This way you will have a wide variety of green teas to choose from thus avoiding monotony. Regular consumption of Sencha and other green tea may lower total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.