A mental note in picking out a logistics provider, always bear in mind to include the pick and pack service because if this logistics company does not offer such service then you have definitely hand picked the wrong kind.

What is Pick and pack Service?

It is a service wherein a logistics provider caters to all industries. It saves time and money since the client has the option to store items in the freight logistics warehouse and thereafter has to pick and pack the items that have to be shipped out. No more hassles on the clients’ part since the service is already done by the logistics company. With this service the company’s web-based inventory makes the convenience all worthwhile. Just a click away from one’s personal computer and you may easily track any item/s, select whichever ticket and package online at any given schedule.

Logistics Facilities

• State of the art speed rail and computer systems

• Dependable and competent staff

• Excellent quality control for receiving and shipping

• Domestic and International Affiliations and Management Solutions

• Professional Logistics Management

Freight logistics

Logistics Services

EDI Services (Electronic data Interchange) is a structured transmission of data through the means of electronics used also in the following services but not limited to:

• GOH (Garments-On-Hangers handling) receiving and shipping

This kind of service has become the fashion industry’s essential must-have when it comes to freight logistics service. It maintains warehouses that has highly sophisticated and modern speed rail system to easily handle the expedition of the shipping.

• Break Bulk for Flat item Shipments

Receives and Ship out bulk, flat packed items as well as ocean and air containers of all imaginable sizes worldwide.

• Back Office Services

These are services that support the client’s back office demands and the following are:

1. Order Processing

2. Credit Checking Approval

3. Sales Force Management

4. Assistance in Customs Clearance

5. Invoicing

6. Factoring

7. Accounts Receivables Management

8. Paying Sales Representatives’ Commissions

9. Managing Returns and Credit to Customers

• Hang Tags/Price Tickets Application

The handling of price tag attachment, label affixation and alteration are done in items for shipping.

Order fulfillment

• Returns Processing

Manages and administer clientele returns for orders with substantial precision and pace.

• Fashion Logistics

A Fashion Distribution Warehouse, this kind of service is extended or is specialized by an up to par logistics provider. Since his service demands the processing to be done on time, it helps the clientele simplify their effort in doing tracking and supplying as well as distribution to the client’s stores locally and abroad. Also, it extends to every possible gap when it comes to schedule and monitoring.

Companies often opt to outsource since it gives them less things to think about. For a time it was a burden to do the shipping itself by these multinational companies but now, through the out-spurt of competitive freight logistics big and small, companies are given a reason to choose and deliberate which company offers the best or perhaps which offers the right price and service. It all depends on the demand and the supply of which provider can meet who’s criteria and expectation. And most especially who can deliver, on time with the right pace and price.

Technology is a great aspect in considering a logistics provider that a company can depend on.  It goes without saying that every part of our lifestyle goes hand in hand with the gadgets and gizmos of tomorrow. Everything is just a click away making everything, anything and anyone accessible. Technology gave us the means to be close even though far apart. All the more reason, that a logistics company with advanced ultramodern machinery and equipment is the perfect contender to accomplish a clientele’s requirement to sustain the increase of profit and meeting the demands of the market by sticking to the roster.

So if all of these have been accounted for. Then do not hesitate, sign up your order fulfillment form so that your chosen freight logistics can carry out the promised service that they have ensured to commit, to provide their customers the highest level of service they deserve. Get only the logistics provider that values your business.