Most people find history classes boring.  Some even doze off at the mention of the word “History”.   But when we look back at history, we may get surprised at how interesting it can be.  For those who missed a whole lot in history classes, this article is for you.

Here are some facts about history you might have missed:

Spaceship Battles were Reported in Germany in 1561

Yes, you heard that right! UFO’s in battle were seen by the Germans.  In the town of Nuremberg, April 14th 1561, Facts 1Credit: and women saw the sky filled with cylindrical objects that produced red, black, orange and blue white disks or globes.  Among these globes, some blood colored crosses were seen by the people of Nuremberg.  After an hour of what seems to be a fight between these globes, they all fell from the sky to the land producing a lot of steam.

Heinrich Heine Predicted the Holocaust (sort of)

Heine was known for his lyric poetry in the 19th century.  Heine wrote “Where one burns books, there one will also burn people”.  His books were burned during Hitler’s rule and true to his poem, people were also burned during Hitler’s rule.

Slaves had a Holiday in Ancient Rome

The festival Saturnalia was created in tribute to the god Saturn.  In this Holiday, masters and slaves would actually trade roles.  The slaves were treated in to a buffet and were served by their masters.  This festival was done in the month of December.

Yin Yang originated in RomeFacts 2Credit:

Most of us thinks that the symbol yin yang originated from China but the symbol was actually used by roman soldiers on their shield in 430 A.D. The only difference in their version of the Yin Yang was the color.  Chinese symbols of Yin Yang occurred years later in the 11th century A.D.

Louis Vuitton Carried the King’s Baggages

Vuitton was hired by the wife of Louis- Napoleon Bonaparte to personally carry their baggage in Paris.

Origin of Vampires Started in 1800’s

“Consumption” was a disease that spread in New England back in the 1800’s.  This disease would cause the people infected with it to lose weight and cough blood.  It was incurable.  Many started blaming these deaths to “vampires”.  Usually, their suspects would be their recently demised family members.  As a result, they would usually burn the heart of their dead relatives.

Xerxes had the Sea Whipped for 300 times

Facts 3Credit:’ve read that right!  King Xerxes, in 482 B.C., sentenced the sea to be whipped 300 times for breaking the bridges that he built.  These bridges would be used by his armies to cross straight to Greece.  A storm tore the bridge and when Xerxes found out about this, he ordered that the sea will be lashed 300 times.

King John Died in a Battle

What’s so interesting about this history fact?  King John, who ruled Bohemia in 1300’s, was actually blind.  He lost his sight at the age of 40 yet insisted to fight the battle which was a really bad idea.

When you read these facts about history you’ll find yourself more interested and entertained.