Mini log cabins are enjoyable and fun. It can be used as a summer retreat, hunting cabin, as a place to stay when your wife kicks you out from the main house, a house for guests who are staying over for days or even as a playhouse for the kids to use during their school holidays.

Some people refer the mini log cabin as any log cabin that is less than 2000 square feet, but by true definition, a true mini log cabin is only less than 320 square feet. There are many companies selling mini log cabin kits on the Internet, or you can order from them home improvement magazines. Each company offer different kinds of kits to the public, in terms of price, quality, layout and sizes.

Generally, people go for mini log cabin kits more than pre-fabricated log cabins because they are cheaper. In addition, the freight and delivery charges are also inexpensive as well compared to pre-fabricated log cabins. If you were to buy your mini log cabin kits directly from a dealer, it is recommended to avoid purchasing the shingles and other roofing supplies from them due to exorbitant cost.

Instead, buy them from Home Depot or Lowe's if you are on a tight budget. Moreover, Home Depot and Lowes log cabin kits are much more reputable and reliable, and you can return to them for a newer one if you found any defect on their kits. However, do not rush your buying decision, instead, plan out ahead what you truly want in your mini log cabin, how much you are willing to spend, and understand or get a building permit, if the area you are living in requires you to do so.


Concrete or concrete blocks are one of the most common foundations used for mini log cabin kits. If you have never mixed or use concrete before your life, then it is highly advisable you seek a professional to pour the concrete and construct the arrangement and shape of your cabin's foundation. A proper and even concrete foundation will ensure your mini log cabin last for many generations to come.


After the floor foundations is set, make sure you prepare a floor plan for your mini cabin to determine the how the rooms are going to apportioned and where you should build walls before building up the frames of the cabin. If you intend to expand your mini log cabin, have a basement dug out before the foundations are applied. Though, you will have to incur more cost, the extra room is certainly worth it, as you can use it as a place to store food and other miscellaneous items or made as a "master suite". If you intend to build a fireplace, choose an area that is not close to any fire hazards.

With a little bit of basic carpentry skills and manpower from a friend or two or family members, a mini log cabin kit can be assembled in just one or two days. It is a good friend-family get together activity, as you spend more time and keep in touch with people you care about. Moreover, assembling a mini log cabin kit puts your mind and muscles to good use.