Homeowners are finding that a trendy pergola can be an excellent addition to any household and can make a once boring and dull garden or landscape interesting and lively. Once you have decided a pergola would be a perfect addition to your household, there are two main means of going about building them. One popular method is to use a pre assembled pergola kit in which all the required materials to build the pergola are at your disposal, while the other option if you are handy with a hammer is the DIY alternative where you can build a pergola from the ground up using your own handyman skills. In this article we will discuss the DIY building option and discuss difference aspects you should consider before beginning construction.

Location of the Pergola
Before you start construction, you must first decide on the area in which you wish to build a pergola. For example pergolas can be positioned in a number of different areas such as being attached to the house, built over a deck, in walkways or in a garden setting. A stylish pergola can add style and decor as well as draw attention to the area they positioned in, which is why it is important for you to spend time carefully considering the best and most beneficial place in which a pergola would be placed.

Choosing Materials For The Pergola
The materials used to build a pergola will depend on the type of design that you have chosen for your pergola. Generally wood such as cedar is the most popular material to build a pergola although metal such as aluminum or cast iron can be used and some strong plastic materials. With each type of material it is important that you consider durability, robustness and whether or not the material will rust, as these factors will determine whether or not the material will stand the test of time.

Plans and Expertise
If you are planning on building a pergola you will first need an appropriate plan which you can follow and are sure of executing before you begin building. If you have completed other DIY projects in the past then it is likely you have all the necessary tools and equipment to begin your project. Also if it is necessary to lift heavy beams and timber and you feel you may need some extra help, then it is a good idea to ask a neighbor or friend to help with this part of the construction phase.