If you want to start taking surveys online, there are a few facts you should be aware. Yes, it is simple to do but you must know how to get the most benefit by doing a little research first. Each survey site or company is different. You must know how each one operates in order to get paid.

The following facts will help if you want to begin taing  surveys online.

1. You must read the instructions, FAQ’s (facts and questions),  Q&A’s (questions and answers), watch the videos for information,  guidelines or  the help section. Every survey usually has one of these areas to assist  you  before you begin taking surveys. If  you don’t or can’t find any of these, send an email to their support  team or they may have a live chat line for you to use.

2. Be aware of your email. You may not want to use your personal email because you will get flooded with spam or unwanted mail. For the purposes of surveys, it is best to set up a different free email.

3. Most survey sites require a Paypal account. This is easy to set up and free. If you don’t have a bank account, they will give you instructions on what to do next.

4. Some surveys will email you surveys on a daily basis, while others you will have to check into the website to take the surveys.

5. Most all survey sites are free to join. This means it is better for you and no cost on your part.  It just requires your time and enthusiasm. If there is a fee to join, make sure you do plenty of research before paying. I would not suggest this for beginners.

6. The survey sites or companies do not require any skills or experience.

7. You need a computer of your own because you will be required to give personal information such as; full name, address and birth date. It is advised not to use a work, library or other computer that is  not in your home for this reason. They do have a tracking system to your computer, it is called an IP address. Be honest when giving information. You will be banned for fraud.

8. You are free to set your own hours and work from home.

9. An important fact to remember is, this is not a get rich quick system.

10. The survey site will specify how you are compensated. Some pay in cash, check, gift certificates, prizes and points or rewards.

After carefully gathering your facts or research, then you are ready if you choose to start taking paid surveys online.  This is a rewarding way to make extra money at home.