Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Credit: Photo by John Lamonica

  Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial art, self-defense system that specializes in the ground aspect of combat, it focuses on joint manipulations and chokes to control or submit your opponent while absorbing the least amount of punishment possible.  It's applications vary from law enforcement to sport Jiu-jitsu as well as Mixed Martial Arts or (MMA).  It's been called the gentle art because the practitioner doesn't need to be very athletic or big to excel.

 1. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu roots go as far back as  imperial Japan it is a direct descendant of  Judo.

2. The Gracie's, Helio and Carlos are specifically credited as the creators of modern-day Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

3.  Carlos Gracie was the first to have been taught by Mitusyo Maeda a student of  Judos founder Kano Jigoro himself. It was called Kano Jiu-jitsu at the time.

4. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was created as a marketing tool for the Gracie family to promote the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) against other martial art systems.

5. The modern iteration of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was heavily influenced by Helio Gracie whose slight physical frame limited his ability to do the throws that Judo required.  By focusing on the angles and methods of attack, he was able to create a different method that used less strength. 

6.  Helio Gracies contributions to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu were techniques that didn't need as much brute strength. These techniques he developed would allow a weaker individual to overcome their physical limitations and still prevail over a bigger/stronger opponent.

7.  Helio Gracie was once caught in a reverse ude-garami also known as a shoulder lock by renowned Judoka Masahiko Kimura and refused to submit.  He dislocated his elbow and severely broke bones in his forearm.  He named the move the Kimura lock in tribute to Masahiko Kimura. 

Masahiko Kimura and Helio Gracie

Masahiko Kimura and Helio Gracie prior to their match.

8.  Royce Gracie, Helios youngest son was the first UFC champion.  He defeated Art Jimmerson, a boxer and the larger Ken Shamrock who specialized in wrestling.  His last match was against Gerard Gordeau who himself was a Savate champion.

9.  The Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) was created by H.H. Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan himself a blackbelt in BJJ. The inagural ADCC competition was held in 1998 with the purpose of showcasing the different aspects of grappling.

10. Helio Gracies oldest son, Rorion Gracie, conceived the idea which brought the UFC to fruition.

11. Rorion Gracie also taught Mel Gibson BJJ techniques that he used extensively in the action scenes for Lethal Weapon. Mel Gibson uses a triangle choke during the climactic fight scene against Gary Busey.

12. Ed O'Neil who played Al Bundy in Married with Children is a black belt under Rorion Gracie.