Uncommon Facts About the TV Shows Friends, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Seinfeld.

There have been many great sitcoms to grace the TV screen over the years.  For the past decade we have been inundated with reality TV shows that have totally missed the mark on comedy, mystery, and the art of great acting.  When remembering some of the best shows do you ever wonder about certain things that you see happening during the show; for example, who came up with the idea of changing what you saw in the picture frame on the door of Friends?  Let’s take a look at several shows and the behind the scene plays help to make the shows great.

Facts About "Friends"Facts About "Friends" (1994–2004)

  1. Matthew Perry was the last actor chosen to play the part of Chandler Bing on the hit show.  The part was originally offered to actors Jon Favreau and Jon Cryer.  This makes Perry the luckiest guy on the hit comedy show.

  2. Jennifer Anniston was the Rachel that almost wasn’t.  The original part was offered to Courtney Cox, but after the producers heard her read for the role of Monica; she was given that part instead.  After watching the show over the years; most of us couldn’t imagine the two of them in any other roles.  Good call on the part of the producers.

  3. The capuchin monkey that played on an episode of friends ironically was the same monkey that had a starring role in the movie “Outbreak.”

Facts About "Frasier"Facts About "Frasier" (1993–2004)

  1. The call-ins to the talk show on Frasier were actual celebrities that recorded their voices for the show via telephone and actually never stepped foot inside of the studio. 

  2. Can you imagine Phoebe from “Friends” playing the role of Roz on Frasier?  Well, believe it or not Lisa Kudrow was originally offered the part.  Before the show begins production they decided to replace Kudrow with Peri Gilpin because they felt Kudrow lacked the intensity needed to play the role. Aren’t we all happy that she didn’t get the part; there’s no replacing Phoebe; she was made for that role.

  3. The show’s famous theme song “Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs” was actually song by Kelsey Grammar.  The writer of the song used numerous metaphors to discuss what the show was about.  “The Blues A-Calling” was a metaphor for people calling in to share their problems on the show.  The title of the song actually described the mixed up or crazy patients that Frazier took care of.

Facts About "Everybody Loves Raymond"Facts About "Everybody Loves Raymond" (1996–2005)

One of Ray’s cousins had a strange habit of touching food to his chin.  This quirky behavior made its way into the show as a character flaw for Robert.

The relationship between Ray and his mother seems to have carried over throughout the entire time the show was on the air.  Ray Romano and Doris Roberts were the only two members of the cast that played on every episode.

The kids that played on the show were actually brothers and sisters in real life.  What a break for the parents to have all three of their children get acting jobs on the same sitcom.

Facts About "Seinfeld"Facts About "Seinfeld" (1990–1998)

  1. The character Newman was written originally as an African American character who suffered from suicidal tendencies.

  2. The first episode and the final episode both ended with conversations about the button on a shirt.  This keeps up with the theme of the show; which was touted to everyone as the show about nothing.  Throughout the years, they always held fast to that concept and that’s what made the show great.

  3. Kramer was first called Kessler on the show.  This was because the man who the character was based on had not given permission for them to use his name.  Kessler doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Kramer; now does it?


As you can see there is still so much to know and love about the shows of our past.  They have made us smile when we felt down and laugh until our bellies hurt.  We are all secretly thankful, that the actors that were eventually chosen to play some of our favorite roles got the part and that the writers were so talented.  The fact that all these things went on behind the scene make the success of their shows all the more sweet.  I can’t wait to see what the producers have in store for us next.  Until then, goodnight!