Best fish finder review


If you are a fishing enthusiast, you must have heard of the Furuno 620. A fish finder like this is an essential gadget for you if you are serious about finding good fishing locations at your favorite fishing spot. Devices like this help you find, through echolocation, the places where the greatest numbers of target fish. Furuno have been in existence since 1938 and re leaders in their field, but with so many fish finders on the market what are the features of the 620. Here is a short review of the unit.

Made while keeping recreational boats in mind, this is a very small, compact device which mounts easily on your boat. The bright, color LCD screen which measures 5.6 inches, is great to use during the day. In fact, viewed from extreme side angles, there is very little darkening of the screen. The colors on the screen are different when viewed at night, to make things easier for the user.

You needn’t worry about fishing in rough weather with this fish finder; it use it in the rain as it is fully waterproof. Also the finder is perfectly safe to use during bad weather.

The menus and navigation of the Furuno 620 do keep simplicity in mind. New users who have had no experience of fish finders will take very easily to them. The buttons are easy to use and serve their function well. The output from the device features colors, and up to 64 colors displayed on.

That this device is very user-friendly can also be seen in how it has audio and visual cues for when a specified event happens. The events include reaching of a set depth of water or water temperature. The echoes of target fish are also identified so you can get at them easily, instead of having to bother about small bait fish, which may also be in the water.

Coupled with a GPS device, the fish finder will let you save locations where you find a good catch of fish. This means you cannot lose a good place and do not have to make notes about it to find it again. This of course is a great convenience, and you can return to the choicest spots with ease.

The price of this device cannot be beaten, as it is very affordable and includes functions, which are usually only available on much more costly gadgets, which are also much larger in size than this one. It will definitely make sure that you get a good catch of fish if you use it properly. Owners of small boats can absolutely invest in this gadget and will see results.

The technicians at the company are also very good to work with and are friendly and prompt to reply to your queries. They will always be willing to help you with problems that may arise with the device. Any problems with the  Furuno 620 are promptly dealt with from the expert advice of the company representatives.