Ladybug FactsInteresting Ladybug Facts

Did you know that not all ladybugs are actually ladies? This means that the male ladybugs are also called "ladybugs". Ladybugs are in my opinion one of the cutest and most distinct types of bugs in the world. They are also very interesting. I have put together a list of fun facts about ladybugs that I am sure you will enjoy.

Fun Facts about Ladybugs

- Ladybugs are born black

- There are at least 5000 different kinds of ladybugs

- The ladybug is a type of beetle

- Ladybugs are able to produce a smelly chemical to scare off predators.

- Baby ladybugs take only about a week to grow into an adult.

- Ladybugs typically love to eat aphids

- Ladybugs hibernate in the winter

- Ladybugs live off of their stored fat while in hibernation.

- In order for a ladybug to fly they must beat their wings 85 times a second.

- Ladybugs are cold blooded

- A ladybug will bite if you squeeze it.

- As a ladybug gets older their spots will fade.

- A female ladybug lays about 1000 eggs in her lifetime.

- The male ladybug is smaller then the female.