Costco is a great place to go to buy a whole lot of something, anything, and everything. They have an excellent business model. They buy tons and tons of things and sell them for a discount just kind of skimming off the top. Which, is the business plan for almost every shop and vendor everywhere. They are just a little more transparent than most places are about this.  Infact so many comedians use this as a punchline in a skit that it's crazy. Most people know alot about the great deals, and excellent quality of their goods. However, there are somethings that you probably don't know about Costco.

Do you know where the first Costco was built? Probably not most people don't know where the headquarters is located. Costco is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, USA.  It was founded in Kirkland Washington. The first warehouse is nearby seattle the good old rainy city seattle. Seattle is also the home town for Grey's Anatomy.  Most people associate Costco with Wal-Mart however they really are two completely different businesses James Sinegal and Jeffery Brotman are the founders of Costco. Also, back in 1993 Costco merged with Price Club. Infact Costco beat out Sam Walton who was trying to merge Wal-Mart with price club. A fun fact about Price Club it's first location was an old airplane hanger  formerly owned by Howard Hughes.

Costco has many locations around the US and even internationally.  There are Costcos located in UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Also, even though Sam Walton's Sam's Club has more warehouses than Costco Sam's Club's sales volume is still lower than Costco. As of Sep 2009 Coscto had 65 million members and counting. Also, Coscto is the first company to grow from zero to 3 billion dollars in only 6 years time.  Such growth is impressive even by todays standards.

Maybe you knew some of these facts about Costco maybe you even knew all of them. However, one thing we all can agree on is that Costco has had a good history, and looks forward to the future. So keep saving money and keep shopping at stores like Costco.