Want to lose 12 pounds in 7 days? Rapid weight loss is the reason many men and women turn to fad diets. In the short term many fad diets will allow you to lose weight but it may just be water weight. Many overweight people turn to fad diets out of desperation. Maybe a lady has a formal dance in a couple of weeks and she wants to fit into a smaller dress size. Whatever the reason for fad dieting many of them are dangerous. Most of these diets will cause no long term effect if you only do it on occasion for a day or two but if you consistently use a fad diet for weeks at a time you will endanger your health and future weight loss will be even harder.

Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is one of those fad diets that refuse to go away. Usually when one person in a work place is doing the cabbage soup diet then at least a few other people will be attempting the cabbage soup diet.

Many people swear by the cabbage soup diet. They insist if you follow the diet properly you will lose a lot of weight quickly. I have seen people who have lost a lot of weight with the cabbage soup diet but as soon as they quit following the cabbage soup diet the weight rapidly returns.

I tried the cabbage soup diet. I was given a copy of the cabbage soup diet and told I could also put green chilies in the cabbage soup. I was encouraged to add green chilies to the cabbage soup as the chilies would cause my body to burn more calories. I love green chilies. I committed to doing the cabbage soup diet for one week. I made enough cabbage soup to last a week. I added a boatload of green chilies to my cabbage soup. I love green chilies and figured this cabbage soup diet would be easy. According to the cabbage soup diet plan I could eat as much of the cabbage soup as I wanted too. In a 12 hour period I ate an extraordinary amount of cabbage soup. I kept eating it because I could not get "full". When I got into work my body was still starving for food. I seen someone eating a double cheeseburger from Wendy's and that was it. I ordered up some real food.

My experience with the cabbage soup diet occurred 8 years ago and I have not tried it since.

Grapefruit Diet

There are basically two versions of the grapefruit diet. The first grapefruit diet has you eat a limited amount of calories of various foods including grapefruit. The grapefruit diet experts swear Grapefruit Dietthat the grapefruits are a vital part of the grapefruit diet. Grapefruits are low in calories and extremely high in protein. The problem with the grapefruit diet is the number of calories you eat each day is so low that you would of lost the weight even without the grapefruit.

The other version of the grapefruit diet involves eating nothing but grapefruit diet. MMM...nothing but grapefruit. The problems with eating nothing but grapefruit include lack of vital minerals, and lack of calories your body needs which will actually cause your metabolism to change and force your body to gain weight. Another problem is extreme heartburn from eating nothing but grapefruit.

Water Diet

The water diet consists of drinking nothing but water. You can take some vitamin and minerals and maybe an occasional piece of fruit.

Slim Fast Only Diet

Slim Fast shakes are meant as a meal replacement. Some people will eat slim fast shakes for every meal and never eat solid food.


Fasting in some situations can be healthy and rejuvenate not only your body and colon but also your mind and spirituality. In general fasting will alter your bodies metabolism and this will make it harder to lose weight in the future. If you do fast many doctors recommend you do not fast for more than 24 hours and only do it on an occasional basis. If you do fast then it is important that you continue to stay hydrated with water.

Diarrhea Diet

The diarrhea diet is where people intentionally give themselves diarrhea in order to excrete all of the calories they eat. The diarrhea diet is an extremely dangerous diet. The diarrhea diet will strip your body of all the calories, vitamins, and minerals it needs in order to survive.

Pseudoscience Dieting

Pseudoscience dieting is any diet that purports to be scientific but is either greatly exaggerated or flat out lies. The grapefruit diet could be considered pseudoscience dieting as the supporters of grapefruit dieting explain the scientific basis behind the grapefruit and how it not only nourishes your body but also helps your body to burj more calories. The miracle fruit grapefruit is healthy as part of a balance eating plan but the grapefruit diet as pushed by supporters is based on misleading and exaggerated science.

Many Multi Level marketing companies push Pseudoscience Dieting. What they tell you about their "New Found Diet Product" sounds like it makes sense. They show you how the product works and why the high cost of their product is worth it.

These pseudoscience MLM dieting products rely heavily on customer "testimonials" and not cold hard facts approved by the FDA. People who sell these products are commonly brainwashed into thinking the guy that is speaking at the MLM meeting knows more about health then the medical doctors. Commonly a conspiracy is concocted in which the government is trying to hide the benefits of their product.

Fad Diets

If you want to lose weight you need do it properly. A proper diet includes all of the foods you need along with a work out program. You will want both aerobic as well as anaerobic exercise. If you simply lower the number of calories you eat each day but never properly exercise you will continue to have weight problems.

Image Credits: (Flickr/trekkyandy)