If you do a fad diet and it helps you lose weight fast and obtain results, what could be wrong with that?

Surely you have seen many ads on the net and in magazines that say that you could get a huge weight-loss in just a few days time.

Is this kind of fat loss really possible? Yes - but... in nearly every instance the weight loss from a fad diet is temporary in most cases as a result of losing water weight. Our bodies are composed of lots of water so when your system rehydrates itself you may put that fast weight loss back on.

What exactly are a few of the reasons a celebrity diet just isn't healthy for you?

1. A celebrity diet usually informs you to concentrate on a single food type and avoid all others. This means you lose out on the nutrition you actually need and can get from a more balanced diet approach.

Sometimes these fad diets may even inform you to consider vitamins and supplements to make up for a lot of the nutritional deficiencies you experience during that celebrity diet. However, your system will not be in a position to absorb the nutrients from your recommended supplements if you don't take them with food. And many of the foods that really help you absorb nutrients are banned on fad diets.

2. Celebrity diets are often so restrictive and unappetizing that after less than 1 day you can begin having overwhelming cravings for other foods and most likely you won't have the capacity to complete the fad diet. This quitting will also wreak harm on your self esteem as you may beat yourself up because of not having enough willpower to stick it out using the diet.

3. Fad Diets are temporary solutions to your weight problems. Even if you do follow to the finish with a celebrity diet you haven't made permanent healthy changes to how you handle food in your life. So fad dieters tend to be yo-yo dieters that go forwards and backwards between extreme low-calorie fad diets to periods of bingeing on food groups that have been missing from the celebrity diet. So fad dieters are on a roller coaster of gaining and losing the identical darn pounds over and over.

No matter what you see within the media about rapid loss of weight fad diets, understand that these diets won't ever work long term.

The best way to lose weight and sustain that weight loss (so you never have to diet again) is to eat a variety of healthy foods, avoid overeating, and do regular exercise. This simple formula works every time.