I just love an amazingly sunny day, sitting on the beach and soaking up the rays. I used to leave there with a great tan, even and never peeled. Well times they are a changing.  Now when I leave my skin has uneven color and I usually peel the next day.  I know that the sun is very damaging and I do always wear sunscreen, but just the thought of reading a book with my toes in the ocean is the absolute best feeling to me.  Well I have paid for that sun loving time. I now have three large darker spots on my face that come out in full force once my tan starts up. They make my face look dirty and even become hard to conceal with makeup.

My fix? A few natural remedies that I found do a great job at lightening these spots up and blending them a little nicer into my skin so I do not look like I just got out of a mud pit. I am a huge believer in at home products that you have around the house instead of buying a very expensive cream that comes with so many warnings it scares me to use it! I feel that these remedies below work very well at achieving the same results while at the same time being good for your skin.

Fresh Lemon

lemonCredit: cocteauboy

Photo: cocteauboy

Cut a fresh lemon into small slices. Place these on your sunspots for about 10-15 minutes. The acid in the lemon will help to brighten the dark spots after time. Another few fun facts about  lemons are that they act as an amazing toner and acne treatment as well. If I have a breakout I just apply some fresh lemon juice and sleep on it. I wake up and the redness and swelling go down drastically! 

Vitamin E Capsule

vitaminCredit: LifeSupercharger

Photo: LifeSupercharger

Take a vitamin E capsule and break it right open. Apply directly to your sunspots and let it soak into your skin. Vitamin E has properties that fade scars and acne and it does the same thing for sunspots.

Aloe Vera Gel

aloeCredit: arijitg

Photo: arijitg

This is also quite an effective way to lighten your spots. If you have an aloe plant handy I would suggest using one of the leaves from the plant. If not, not worries your everyday aloe gel will do the trick as well. Dab a little bit of gel onto the sunspot and let dry. Once dry you can wipe off with a warm damp towel. 



It comes as no surprise that using a strong protecting sunscreen is a great way to prevent any more spots from showing up. You may not realize this now if you are young and loving every second of the sun, but sunspots take quite some time to show up and you can be creating them right now without even knowing. Protect your face with sunscreen and wear a sunhat when possible!