Call it old school, flames and chrome are not going anywhere.”

Custom bikes are many times a reflection of their rider. Well, that's not literally true. I doubt our new friend Dusty “Dawg” Pine of Indiana is green and has ape-like arms. But then, I have not met 'Dawg' before. Dusty’s motorcycle lets us know that trends are not his type and that he cares about detail and fine body work. Anyone that comes in contact with his 2006 Sportster will easily notice something instantly about his bike; he thought about this project because it’s what he wanted and had nothing to do with fads or what is the latest style or look.

As an example, when Harley's of today is apparently getting blacker, our buddy chooses to go chrome.

I have a couple of friends that say it is out of style, to me, Harley bikes are hot with chrome on it.”

Back to Dusty, this is his first Harley-Davidson. He has enough years under his belt when it comes to bike tech. He takes care a variety of crotch rockets and metric cruisers over the years, he also spent many years of his life working with cars, being a paint and body guy by trade. This project makes it his first owned Harley. Considering his crafty work, the tins and paint would need to be what really sets this Sporty from others.

”I realized that you will need a lot of hard work to build a Sportster to get noticed in the crowd about bike rallies and functions,” Dusty says.

“I didn’t want a paint job that someone could easily copy it.”

Working in his house garage affectionately named Dawg’s Chop Shop by his buddies, Dawg dug deep into his bone-stock 883 Sportster. He originally, merely began with simple improvements like a exhaust, air filters, and a rejet of the carb. That’s it for engine mods. Because Dawg's bike was meant to be a rider dependent bike, which was a major aspect.

Working as a specialized painter at a Ford dealership, the top regions of the bike will have to be the tins, which took 80 hours to complete. The main plan with the fuel tank, side covers, and fenders was to produce a thing that would leave people guessing and hopefully arouse some curiosity.

The concept behind this (about the finish) is to make it seem that fused with the metal and not just applied on it,” said Dusty.

Dusty adds,Plenty of people will come up to it and assume it’s airbrushed ghost flames.”

Mission accomplished there, yet it wasn’t simple. Right on his living room floor, Dusty started using a metal-reinforced easy-sanding filler, then, covered on a heavy build primer then went back and forth between sanding and priming.

Because of the process, I did not have finger prints for a while. It would have been the best time to rob a bank!”

One other key tasks carried out on the bike was the wheels. While keeping the stock swingarm, brake caliper mount, and the rest, Dusty’s friend Charlie installed a 5.50 V-Rod rim together with a 180 tire below the stock fender. And just how could you not notice the massive ape-hangers swinging from the front end. To do this, he to dump the stock riser system to give way to a 2" setup from a ’90s Sportster. Along with that upgrade are stainless covered cables, chrome grips and controls, and Dusty mastering the fine art of internal wiring.

It isn't an illusion. Those are most certainly passenger pegs that get used along with a two-up seat when he and his girlfriend hit the road. One deception within the motorcycle are the 9-1/2" hardtail struts that will look like gas shocks.

Getting back to all that chrome, he still gets criticism at motorcycle rallies. The most recent was “young kidin his early 20s who walked up to the bike and questioned Dusty if someone had ever told him that chrome no longer a trend. “How do you respond to that!?” Dusty laughs.

“This young kid, he’s got his fancy, wind tunnel tested, three coats of clear on his hair, (and) a brand new Harley jacket that he paid $350 for. And (he) thinks he’s cool with a temporary tag on his Sportster, and he’s gonna tell me what’s cool and ’what’s not cool?!”

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