Photo gifts are a gift option that grandparents are sure to love. These types of gifts allow grandparents to show pride in their grandchildren. One of the good things about photo gifts is that there are many options available. You can easily choose from mugs, mousepads, T-shirts and much more. The photo programs that are available even allow you to create your own custom photo albums with special themes. Stores like Walgreens and Kodak Gallery offer a wealth of photo gift ideas.

Family Tree Photo Holders

Family tree photo displays are a very attractive way to showcase your family photos. These unique photo display options are shaped like trees and include some frames. These frames are easily hung on the tree. You can usually order additional frames to include pictures of more family members. Many stores that sell these photo holders allow you to personalize them with your family name.

Brag Books

Brag books are a popular way for grandparents to show the world how special their grandchildren are. These photo albums are usually of a very high quality and will last for years. Personalization is usually added for an extra special touch. The covers usually have beautiful designs that draw attention to them. You can usually add at least a couple of dozen photos to each, if it's a large brag book. Some brag books are of a smaller size so that grandparents can easily carry them around.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are ideal for photo personalization. The photos printed on tote bags are very visible, making them a good way to show off favorite grandchildren photos. Many use heart-shaped or other attention-catching borders. These bags are easy to personalize with the family name or the names of the grandchildren. Tote bags are very durable and will certainly last for a long time.

Photo Aprons

Many aprons are easy to add photo images to. You can buy a personalized photo apron in many different styles to suit different tastes. These can also be purchased in different colors and patterns. They are especially popular with grandmothers, as well as grandfathers who love to cook. One way to make this type of apron truly unique is to add some personalized text to it.


Calendars are an excellent way to showcase family photos. A major advantage of photo calendars is that computer users with the right software can print them out themselves. These can be created as calendars with tear-off month pages, traditional calendars with a photo for each month and collage-style calendars. One thing that many find helpful about calendars is that the photos can be framed after the calendar is used.


Keychains with photos and other personalization are very popular. They make good gifts because grandparents will always have them with them when they go out. Photo keychains can easily be assembled using supplies found at craft stores. Some have special shapes and areas with borders. You can have the photos specially personalized with names or messages to make the keychain even more distinct.