Have you ever thought of creating a magical, enchanted atmosphere in your home or in your backyard? If yes, try putting a fairy fountain in your garden, you'll probably achieve the effect you are going for.

By having a fairy water fountain in your garden you can have a magical experience as if you have just stepped into the land of sprites.  These kinds of decorative features have always been popular among little girls who have a firm belief that they do exist. If you have little girls in your home, having a fairy water fountain in a garden will increase her admiration of you and might keep her interested in the outdoors a bit more.

The models available today are made of different types of materials. The major ones are:

  • Marble Fairy Fountains: The fountain which is made of marble is very durable. These units can withstand harsh natural and climatic conditions.  Usually they are red or white marble or granite. Prices range from $30 to $ 400 and above depending upon the size and type of marble you choose.
  • Metal Fairy Fountains: These can be produced from various metals such as copper and brass. They are eye catchers for many people. When the sun falls on these metals, the structure reflects an almost blinding light that grabs the attention of visitors. The price ranges from $100 to $3000.
  • Resin Fairy Fountains: These fountains allow a sculptor to carve out spectacular effects. They are made up of resin and can also endure extreme climatic conditions. The price ranges from $100 to $1200.
  • Concrete Fairy Fountains: Most people will be very surprised to discover that they can be made of concrete, but it’s true. Concrete designs can be very inexpensive to install too with installation fees starting at about $100.
  • Fiberglass Fairy Fountains: These have been recently added to the mix and the style is one of the hottest categories today. Fiberglass is not recommended for freezing climates however. A fairy fountain made of fiberglass is lightweight and easy to install. These are very expensive and generally range from $300 to $4000. Always be wise in choosing this type of material as it requires a lot of care and attention.

After knowing about the various types of material for your fountain, it is important to analyze the installation and electrical needs. Using a professional installer enables you to perform this required tasks without any problems.

Safety precautions that one should carry out before installation in your garden include:

  • Always using low voltage lights and always consulting an electrician for proper installation expertise.
  • Always check the minimum space requirement in your backyard or home.
  • Always talk to experts about any special requirements and safety precautions required prior to installing a fountain in your house that produces mist.

Where can you buy a fairy fountain?

You can go to your nearby hardware store. Hardware store owners generally have the entire knowledge necessary about where to get good quality fountains. If that doesn’t help, try going online and search for a nearby store that offers installation of fountains in your area.

Use online e-commerce sites as a last resort. There's no way to properly gauge how well a water fountain will suit your home or garden if you don't check it out in person.