There is no need to pay for faith based weight loss programs that promise to show you biblical ways to lose weight. Yes, some of these courses are very helpful; and you certainly can spend money that way if you choose to. There are several ways to access faith based weight loss programs - church classes, books, online studies. And the prices can range from a few hundred dollars to free. I explain the general pricing structure of several of these programs below. (You can read more details about what faith based weight loss programs cost in this article.)  Read on and you will find a resource that uses the Word of God to help you conquer your issues with food. And, it doesn’t cost a dime.

The Most Expensive Faith Based Weight Loss Programs
Taking classes either online or in your church is one of the most expensive ways to approach faith based weight loss programs. You wind up paying not only for your book or kits, but you are also paying partially for the instructor’s time and you may even be paying some of the church’s or website’s overhead. So don’t be surprised if it costs over $100 to sign up for leader led faith based weight loss programs. This approach to weight loss may be helpful if you want to lose weight in a group environment and have a teacher or leader guide you through the course. But if you willing to go it alone with God then there are more budget friendly options for faith based weight loss programs.

A More Economical Approach to Faith Based Weight Loss Programs
You may want to opt for a book instead. There are faith based weight loss programs that are actually books that you can purchase for very little money. A good example of this is The Weigh Down Diet by Gwendolyn Shamblin. You can go to a class through a church or online and it will cost you quite a bit. Or you can purchase the book for just a few dollars and go through the program at your own pace.

And an even better book for losing weight is The Lord’s Table: a Biblical Approach to Weight Loss (Setting Captives Free). This book has a non-judgemental tone to it. Which makes it my number one choice over The Weigh Down Diet, which is a bit preachy and can come off a bit condemning. You can read more about that here. The Lord’s Table is one of those faith based weight loss programs takes you through a journey where you discover that God should get the glory in our weight loss. And that without focusing on Christ, successful and sustainable weight loss is very difficult.

One of the Few Free Faith Based Weight Loss Programs
Actually, you don’t even need to purchase The Lord’s Table book. The entire christian weight loss Bible study is available online for absolutely no charge. Not only is this weight loss approach free, it is also one of the faith based weight loss programs that actually works long term. It is a 60 day Bible study that helps you develop a healthy relationship with food. And more importantly, you learn how to draw closer to God instead of food.

Some faith based weight loss programs have several phases or classes that you have to go through, which means spending more money. Or they may have a curriculum which consists of several books or course materials before you are able to reach your goal. But the Lord’s Table shows that it is possible to learn a biblical approach to weight loss without spending a dime. God has freely given us the answer to life’s problems in His Word. And Mike Cleveland, the author of The Lord’s Table, graciously shares with others the revelations that the Lord gave to him regarding weight loss.

So, there is no need for you to fork over money to one of those faith based weight loss programs that charge. There are testimonials on the Setting Captives Free site from many people who have found freedom using the Lord’s Table Bible study. You can find a link to the website in my author’s signature box. God bless you!