Falcon Garage Door Insulation Kit


Solid door panels
No scratchy pink insulation or fiberglass
Quick and easy install
Only hand tool you already own needed.
Inexpensive - under 100.00


If you have a really large or tall garage door, you will need multiple kits
You need one kit per garage door

Full Review

I've been looking into this for a while, and there are a lot of different ways to go about this. Obviously, if you are looking for a new garage door, you can simply choose one that is pre-insulated.

Most of us, though, are dealing with whatever garage door was installed when they built our house. If we are lucky, it will already have a nice insulated garage door, but the odds are it will be a simple sheet metal affair.

The reasons to insulate your garage door are many and include noise barriers, heat and cooling expense reductions, and environmental concern. And let's not forget that a properly set up garage door will help to keep pests out.

The options out there boil down to a few types of insulation kits:

Reflective foil

Fluffy "pink" insulation

Insulation panels

In this article, I want to focus on the Falcon foam Garage Door Insulation Kit. This offering I believe has a few advantages over some of the other choices out there.

First of all, the panels supplied are very easy to trim to fit. They are a kind of solid foam that is flexible and has an R value of over 4.5, even though they are less than 1 and a half inches thick.

You'll need a kit for each garage door, so it you have a large multi-door garage like ours, you'll be kicking out a few extra dollars. The kit when installed weighs less than 10 pounds and it should not interfere with most commercially available garage door openers.

Installation is easy - all you have to do is measure your garage door width, cut the panels and put them in. One side of the panel has grooves scored into it, and this is the side that you will place facing your garage door. The other side has a smooth, easy to wipe off finish that will give you a nice professional look when all is said and done. Now, if you have an unusually wide or tall garage door, you will have to put in some extra panels. But you can't rally expect that they can make a kit that will suit you and me, and also someone like Jay Leno, with his 250 cars.

If you have bracing running across your garage door, you will have to pull that off for the install, but it should go back on with no problems.

The kits costs less than 100.00 for a standard 8' or 9' garage door. Installation should take you less than one hour.

In Closing

After looking at the other choices out there, I want to recommend this one for economy, ease of use, and overall design simplicity. Falcon Foam has done a good job of providing a garage door insulation kit that is easy to install, and looks great.