Fall Activities: Why this is the Season for Entertainment

As the weather gets colder, most of us begin shifting our focus from outdoor hands-on activities to autumn entertainment that lets us enjoy the brisk air while enjoying our favorite sports, concerts or theater performances. Fall is the ultimate season for wrapping up in a warm sweater with a blanket and sitting on the bleachers for a seasonal football game, or crowding into a beautiful theater with your friends to see a play or some stand-up comedy on nights that are too cold to brave the sports fields. Concerts are a great activity that you can schedule for indoors or outdoors, depending on the performer and the venue. Some artists love to play acoustic sets indoors in an intimate setting, while saving fuller sets for outdoors where the louder music can reach everyone. Whatever your favorite fall entertainment is, you should book tickets well in advance to make sure that your plans go through the way you planned.

Get in Line for Autumn Concerts

Many performers save their acoustic tours for the fall, when mellow cool temperatures bring listeners by the droves to small venues such as coffeehouses and cafes. Lining up for an intimate performance by artists such as Ingrid Michaelson or Regina Spektor is even better when you get inside and relax at a small table with friends and a house-made cappuccino, especially when the performer herself is on stage sipping on her own favorite between sets. The acoustics of coffeehouses mean that the music sounds fuller and bigger in the cozy space even without amplifiers or electric speakers, ensuring that you can experience the music as fully as possible in an organic setting, the way it was intended. This time of year, you can find acoustic venues selling tickets for small, local performers on a regular basis. Bigger venues may have blockbuster names such as One Direction tickets, or classic favorites such as Bruce Springsteen tickets. 

Stepping Into Fall Sports

For those who prefer to bask in the brisk autumn air, seasonal fall sports range from field hockey to football and will surely have weekly games going on that you can follow closely. Depending on the level that you want to watch and have access to, you may attend small high school games, moderately important college games or even seek out Chicago Blackhawks tickets or another favorite major team. Bring a blanket for the bleachers and a big mug of your favorite hot cider, and have some extra cash on hand to buy seasonal foods at the concessions stands. Although any season's games are exciting for sports fans, fall is the best time for seeing outdoor games in terms of weather and seasonal experiences that are unbeatable.

Beat Cold Weather at the Theater

On the other hand, if you're just too cold to see a sports game outdoors and are not in the mood to see an acoustic concert, try finding local theater performances featuring your favorite troupes or a classic show that you love to see every year. Alternatively, make a trip to a national theater part of a major trip to the city during the fall holidays, such as a midterm break or the week of Thanksgiving. Even Halloween shows are a great idea for classic plays and musicals that rely heavily on participation from the audience, since you can make it a costumed outing and enjoy it even better.