If you like to change a few things in your house each season to dress it up, then here are some affordable fall decorations to cheer up your house, and get into the fall spirit.

Fall Decorations - Front Entranceway

This tends to get ignored, and primarily used for a place to plop bags, keys and backpacks, and throw all the shoes, but you can add a few details to create a warm welcome for those cool autumn nights.

If you don't have much room, a simple fall "flavored" pot pourri is a great addition. Anything that smells like cinnamon, or nutmeg has a wonderful aroma for when you first enter the house. If you have a electrical outlet near your entrance, you could splurge on those plug in air fresheners that now have fall scents. Remember fall decorations, don't have to be visual, it can just be in the air too! Candles can get knocked over very easily at an entrance, so they may not be a good idea right there.

A fall wreath on the door is another great way to celebrate the season, and you can get hooks that fit over the door so that you are not putting a nail in the door. Or if you would prefer you can put a fall wreath beside the door, depending on the room you have at your entrance.

You can also put a fall wreath on the wall just inside the door for fun. You can purchase these wreaths for fall decorations or you could make your own. At the craft supply stores you can buy the tubular frames for making your own wreath, and then you could collect pine cones and small gourds and anything that is fall related and glue them in this frame work.

Fall Decorations - Wall Art using Leaves

This one is really fun to make. If you are artistic or creative and have the time, you can go for a fall walk with the family and find as large a maple leaf or oak leaf that you can in a nice fall color, and then paint a leaf. This is fun. Keep the little painting simple and then put in a dollar store shadow box to hang on the wall. You can do a few and group them together. These are fun little artworks. In the shadow box, you can paint the background black, so that the colorful leaf really "pops" in the deep frame.

Fall Decorations Wall Collage with Leaves

This craft is great for the whole family. You simple go outside and enjoy a walk or in your yard and find lots of colorful leaves in good condition. Bring a basket for collecting them, kids love this job. Once you bring them home, you need to press them very flat in a flower press or between book pages the old fashioned way!

Once they are flat you will need to go shopping for a cheap but large frame complete with glass. Some of those posters you can get have large glassed frames and are not too expensive. By using a large frame you will have a impact on the decor and can use more leaves for these fall decorations.

Now take a glue gun and start gluing your leaves to a thick foam board or thick poster board (something that will fit in the frame you purchased) Just keep gluing them until all the space has been taken up with leaves. Now give it a spray with a fixative (you can get this in the craft stores, it is used to preserve color and to stop fading). Then place your board into the purchased frame and hang on the wall in a prominent part of the house. You could just make the one or others for fall decorations. This is a great way to use nature for fall decorating. If you have a large wall to decorate, you could make a few large frames for a stunning fall color display.

Once you get the hang of the leaf collage, you can do the same with pressed flowers and green leaves in the spring and summer. You can keep this frames and change them out with each season.

To do fall decorations this year, you don't need to change out your entire house, just a framed picture of leaves here and a beautiful air freshener there and maybe a cool homemade fall wreath on the door and you are ready!

An additional idea for that fall decorating leaf collage, you could switch out some of the leaves for a picture of the whole family collecting the leaves. Glue the picture or a photo copy of the picture right on the board with your leaves all around, this would be a great keepsake gift as well. Maybe date this.

You can change this collage picture any way you like. If you have a cottage and the leaves came from there you could have some memorabilia from the cottage on the collage board as well. Just make sure to have lots of colorful leaves for this artwork to really "pop" when guests enter the house. Flattened colorful fall leaves all together in a frame look really stunning.