Do you love exercise? If your answer is "No", then, do you love food, water and sleep? Since exercising is like eating, drinking water and sleeping, they are basic essentials to our living well. So why not fall in love with exercise which has tremendous benefits to your well being. But how do you fall in love with exercise?

· Make the Decision. When you know all the benefits of exercise, you can't help falling in love with it. Choose to love exercise is a personal decision based on learning and knowing the marvelous benefits that may boost energy, increase self-esteem, help to feel younger, healthier and stronger. Exercise can possibly reduce the risk of heart attack and some cancers, and may decrease stress and depression. Keep the benefits in your mind to help motivate you to establish an exercise routine. You easily recognize your desire for food, water and sleep daily. Your body also has an intrinsic desire for exercise as well.

· Take the Action. Even if you don't have the feeling for exercise right now, take an action for its benefits and make it a part of your daily living. It can be a well planned, scheduled activity, such as going to the gym, working out with a trainer, or taking various fitness classes. It can be as simple as walking, climbing stairs, house-keeping, gardening, stretching, meditating, or doing DVD fitness programs at home. The essence is to do it now and keep active! The more you exercise, the more you will love it. Your love feelings generally follow your positive actions. Like eating, if certain food doesn't agree with your appetite, you just simply find something else to enjoy. The same is true for exercise.

· Develop the Skill. Practice will increase your level of exercise skill. While you explore many different types and forms of exercise, not only will you find out your favorites and preferences, you will also increase your mental and body capacity and flexibility. As you discover your own strength and limitation, you can set up your own pace of exercise and learn to pick up the forms that are best suitable to yourself. You should always consult with your heath care provider prior to insure that you are healthy enough to perform exercise. Remember to start slow on your program and work your way up gradually over time. Exercise is not a pressure but relaxed, enjoyable nourishment to your mind and body just like nutrition food, clean water and sound sleep.

· Keep the Commitment. You will most likely face the challenge of feeling tired and wanting to give up exercise. It is normal to feel that way from time to time. However, the commitment of not quitting is a personal choice and responsibility. You may have set up a very specific exercise goal to achieve. The measurement of the goal achieving can be disappointing and discouraging sometimes. In reality, improving your health condition and living a better quality of life are the ultimate goals of exercising. It is the each step of the process that makes the difference of your health and life. Your focus should be on the general balance of your life instead of the specific of numbers of your goals. You simply do not quit eating, drinking water and sleeping. Likewise, you should not quit exercising.

· Form the Habit. If you keep up your exercise routine, you will gradually develop a habit of exercising automatically. This habit will generate rewarding results. You will reap the harvest of your regular exercise. Remember how you feel after your favorite meals, thirst-quenched drinks and sweet sleep, you are so rejuvenated and restored. Exercise will perform the same magic for you!

So, why not just fall in love with exercise now?