Fall is the best time to decorate your porch. What other time of the year can you get away with a few gourds, a bale of hay, and a scarecrow? Some people like Christmas or springtime but for porch decorating I think that nothing beats fall. Not only can you buy stuff but there are things that are readily available just out in the yard. Did you grow a pumpkin in your garden? Use it. Do you have trees? Use the leaves. Heck, you can even used dried up cornstalks from your garden.

Fall Porch Decorating Tips

Get some Mums. This is the time that most stores do away with the regular perennials and it becomes mum time. You'll be able to find pots of mums at the grocery store, department store, or home improvement stores. A few pots of mums go a long way in the porch decorating scheme of things. The mums can be an accent or a focal point.

Pumpkins are the king of fall. They're also pretty cheap. Add some small pumpkins and a few large pumpkins for a splash of fall color. Put them at the base of your pots of mums and you've got a good start on a fall porch. Put them on the sides of your porch steps to direct folks to your front door. Just don't make them too scary (if you carve them) or the salesmen might be scared away.

A large porch can handle a couple of bales of hay. You can get three you can stack them up in a ragged pyramid with a top and two ledges on the side. Adding your mums and pumpkins to your stack of hay and you've got a classic fall porch. I'm a big fan of hay. After the season is over make sure that you compost your left over hay and add it to the garden.

Indian corn works great as a door decoration. They are a little small for the porch but attaching them to the door is a great way to make them more visible. A bundle of these, partly opened, is another classic look for a door. If you attach some small mini pumpkins, some dried fall flowers, and some Indian corn to the door you've got a wreath that'll beat anything that you can find for Christmas.

Pictures that cling to the window are another favorite. Kids love these. You can buy a set or 4 of these clingy Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations and go nuts on your window. This works nicely on a sliding glass door or a large picture window. Heck get some of that spray snow and start a little winter spraying while you're at it.

Scarecrows are a perfectly acceptable fall decoration. Pick up a few of these at the store or make your own by getting a kit at a craft store. You need a scarecrow to protect your pumpkins afterall.

Tacky decorations include stuffing leaves into those big pumpkin things that you can find at most department stores. I'm a little tacky so I'm real fond of these. You do need a lot of leaves for this project and I'm sad that I have no mature trees to do this. I can't think of any other tacky decorations offhand but I'll think of some eventually.