Upcoming Fashion Trends for the Fall


Whether you can believe it or not, Fall is just around the corner. Soon enough, the leaves will change into vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds, and then gently fall to the ground. Then, you'll walk around and hear the crispy crunch of leaves under the soles of your leather boots. This article will be your guide and help you keep up with all the latest fashion. Whether it'd be thick scarves, tall and cropped ankle boots, long beige trench coats or a few gold chain necklaces, this will help you wear it all, and look like you just hopped right of a magazine page!




Scarves will be a new trend for this upcoming fall. Especially thick ones. The best colors to get are fall colors. Reds, browns, oranges, really, any bright and bold color(s) that you know will pop. Now the key to wearing a bold scarf is to make sure you have a simple base. Wear a trendy, colorful yet light weight scarf with a simple foundation, like a nice tee-shirt and jeans to complete the look. This will also make sure you don't look overdressed or, yes, there is a such thing...too trendy. Also, be creative when it comes to how you wear it.


Coats and Jackets


It gets cold in the fall and you'll start wearing jackets. When buying a jacket, you want to keep the latest fashion in mind. Buying a neutral colored coat like beige , brown or even white, will work best when you have an elaborate and complex outfit underneath. When wearing a bright blue or orange coat, you'd want to make sure you are wearing something more simple underneath. Trench coats are also really coming in. With neutral colored coats, it looks nice with a sophisticated colorful scarf as well. When shopping, you will want to invest in two types of jackets. A warm knee length coat, and a light weight jackets. Examples of a light weight jacket would be a leather jacket, crop blazer, and yes, a trench coat which will be great for the not so cold days.




Accessories are a great way to spruce up your style and make it your own. It's like adding a scarf. In the fall, the best color is probably golds and hot colors. Browns, reds, oranges, and even some shades of pink. Don't go overboard though! Keep it pretty simple, like wearing a bright, big and bold necklace, and add subtle earrings. Keep the colors to a minimum as well. Don't mix and match 3 different colors. It will look like a rainbow threw up on you. Keeping it simple and chic is the way to go! Another great accessory is the wool beanies which can come in every color you can imagine, keep your head warm while keeping up with the modern chic look. Hand bags with extra long shoulder straps also look great during the fall months. They are big enough to fit a lap top or books for school. You can wear them across you body, or over one shoulder. Anyway looks great! To get the real deals, go into New York, look into flea markets. There, you will be able to make deals for stuff that is worth it!




Boots are really great for 2 reasons. They are fashionable and will keep your feet warm in those cold autumn months. There are many types of boots you can wear. Uggs are probably the most worn among teenagers. However, cropped ankle boots are also coming into style. It looks great when paired with deep blue or black skinny jeans. This gives you an easy-going and laid back look. If you have dark boots, try wearing a pair of light gray jeans, to bring in the contrast. Another great style is wearing black or dark colored leggings with a high knee leather boot. You can also wear cropped boots with a flat heel. This too looks great with denim, a plain white shirt and a bright and colorful thick scarf.