Who says print media is dead? In Fallout 4, it seems the world ended before the magazine went out of style. With no television and hit-or-miss radio stations, it seems reading is back in style to fill a wastelander's cavernous void of free time in between dodging Super Mutant assaults and Yao Gaui maulings.

If you thought Fallout 4's 20 bobbleheads were hard to find, discovering all of the game's many magazines will seem like an impossible task. However, for the avid reader, this guide will lead you to every single magazine hidden throughout the Commonwealth and detail all the fun perks they bring with them.

fallout magazines

Astoundingly Awesome Tales

Yes, we all know you are astoundingly awesome, but what makes this publication so awesome is that each issue comes with a different perk.

#1 - This magazine is found in the workshop at Outpost Zimonja, allowing players 1 point of health regeneration per minute.

#2 - At the wreckage of Skylanes Flight 1981, the magazine can be found on top of a toilet below the cock pit of the plane. This copy allows an additional 5% damage with scoped weapons.

#3 - Located in the lower level bedroom in the Boston Mayoral Shelter, this copy causes players to take 5% less damage from robots.

#4 - Located at the bottom of the pit beneath terminal 3 at Dunwich Borers, this magazine allows the alien blaster to do 5% more damage.

#5 - Located on a desk at the top floor computer room of the East Boston Preparatory School, this copy offers +5 poison resistance.

#6 -Found on the top floor of the metal shack built into the rocks at the Crater of Atom, this magazine allows 5% more damage to mirelurks.

#7 - Located in the metal hut that overlooks the stockpile room at the Sentinel Site, this magazine grants 5% more damage at night.

#8 - Located on top of a toilet in a locked cell at Coast Guard Pier, this copy adds 5 more Action Points.

#9 - Found on the balcony of Holdren's quarters, north of the atrium in the Institute, this copy allows 5% more damage from the Cryolater found in Vault 111.

#10 - Located on the lectern in the church at Trinity Plaza, players will now be treated to +5 radiation resistance.

#11 - Located in the top floor bathroom in Hubris Comics, this magazine allows RadAway to remove 5% more radiation.

#12 - Found in the last tunnel at Pickman's Gallery where you first meet Pickman, this copy causes Dogmeat to take 10% less damage.

#13 - Located in Railroad HQ beneath Old North Church atop a desk in the ruined brick crypt area. This magazine allows 5% more damage done to Ghouls.

#14 - Located in the living quarters in Vault 114 below Park Street Station. Look for a Laundry sign in a ruined corridor. This copy allows players to do 5% more damage to Super Mutants.

Grognak the Barbarian

Grognak the Barbarian inspired a whole generation to crush their enemies and see them driven before them. However, in between hearing the lamentations of their women, players will enjoy 5% more critical hit damage in melee or unarmed combat with each issue found.

#1 - Found on the kitchen table of your old house in Sanctuary Hills.

#2 - Located on a desk in an office on the east side of the primary warehouse at the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup.

#3 - On the bed in the Overseer's Office at Malden Middle School / Vault 75.

#4 - Located on the top floor of the Corvega Assembly Plant inside a metal raider hut accessed by a catwalk.

#5 - Found on a toilet nearby the Power Armor station inside the Mass Pike Interchange.

#6 - Given as a reward for completing the quest Short Stories in the Classroom for Katy the teacher in Vault 81.

#7 - Located in the dungeon on the upper floor of the Museum of Witchcraft.

#8 - Located on the southern rooftops of the raider camp at Hyde Park.

#9 - Located on a table in the living room in the apartment above Back Street Apparel.

#10 - Located on the bandstand by a skeleton at the Park Street Station entrance to the Boston Common.

#11 - At the Bus and Apartment Wreckage outside Andrew Street Station, the magazine will be found on a bed in the ruined apartment.

Guns and Bullets

Every gun needs its bullets, and every player is going to want a subscription to this magazine. With each issue of Guns and Bullets, critical hit damage with ballistic weapons is increased by 5%.

#1 - Located at the top floor of Fort Hagen on an oval table in the kitchen.

#2 - Found in Barney's Bunker at the Rook Family House beside a filing cabinet.

#3 - Located on a metal desk by the east wall in the South Boston Military Checkpoint.

#4 - Located on the top floor of Gunner's Plaza on a table surrounded by sofas in the lounge.

#5 - Found by a computer terminal on the elevated freeway by the Quincy Ruins.

#6 - Found in a locked safe in the chief's office at the Cambridge Police Station. This magazine is only available after Brotherhood of Steel reinforcements arrive.

#7 - Found on the lectern on stage at the Fraternal Post 115 near some sandbags.

#8 - Located in the northwest corner office on the top floor of the Ticonderoga Safehouse.

#9 - Located in the chief's office in the bullpen at the western side of the BADTFL Regional Office.

#10 - Found at the radio broadcasting shack at the center of the Castle grounds.

Hot Rodder

Alas, you can't pimp out your ride, but Hot Rodder does give ideas to pimp out your Power Armor with custom paint jobs.

#1 - Tucked away in the concrete hut at the Robotics Disposal Ground on top of the desk.

#2 - Located inside Zeke's Trailer at the Atom Cats Garage on the table beside the bed.

#3 - Located west of the hospital in West Roxbury is the Funhouse. On the top floor is the magazine in the sleeping quarters next to the prizes.

La Coiffe

Love to look good? La Coiffe unlocks bonus hair styles.

#1 - Near the roof exit of Fallon's Department Store, this issue is found in an octagon-shaped room.

#2 - At the Charlestown Laundry, players will find it inside the shopping basket perched atop the laundry machines.

Live & Love

Like Astoundingly Awesome Tales, the trials and tribulations that accompany Live & Love magazine each comes with different perks.

#1 - Located in a caravan trailer in the eastern section of Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates, this issue give companions a +10 health increase.

#2 - Found by the cooking station on the upper floor of the promenade building at Revere Beach Station, this magazine allows companions to do 5% more damage.

#3 - Found on a table near the recording desk at WRVR Broadcast Station, this copy increases companion carry weight by 10.

#4 - Before going down the stairs from the station entrance of College Square, look on top of the safe behind the counter to find this issue. This copy gives players an extra 25% XP from persuading women.

#5 - Located at the very top of the monument at Bunker Hill, finding this issue grants +1 luck from drinking alcohol while exploring with a companion.

#6 - Located on the bedside table in the bedroom of Diamond City Schoolhouse, this magazine gives companions +5 damage and energy resistance.

#7 - Located on a table in the attic of Faneuil Hall, this issue allows players to gain 25% more XP from persuading men.

#8 - Found atop a toilet in the restroom of the Third Rail Bar in Goodneighbor, this issue grants players 5% more XP when exploring with a companion.

#9 - Found on the bar counter just to the right upon entering the Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor, this issue causes robot companions (Curie or Codsworth) to inflict 5% more damage.

Massachusetts Surgical Journal

After the nuclear apocalypse, everyone became an expert surgeon. Use the professional knowledge in this magazine to inflict 2% limb damage with each issue found.

#1 - Located on the bottom level of the Parsons State Insane Asylum inside Lorenzo's quarters.

#2 - Located in a storage and filing room on the second floor of Medford Memorial Hospital.

#3 - Located on the large table on the lowest floor of the Med-Tek Research Lab.

#4 - Found inside the analyst's room on the desk at the Greater Mass Blood Clinic. Hacking a terminal is required for access.

#5 - Found by the security door close to the reception area at the Sandy Coves Convalescent Home.

#6 - Head to the director's office just above the reception area at Cambridge Polymer Labs, the issue will sit on top of the desk.

#7 - Located on a table between two red sofas in the northern section of the Greentech Genetics building.

#8 - Found in the Boston Public Library, players must find overdue books in order to earn 50 tokens at the book return. Only after turning them in will this issue be unlocked.

#9 - In the top bedroom of the Cabot House, the magazine can be found on a wooden desk on the western side of the room.

Picket Fences

For those who want to enjoy a better looking settlement, Picket Fences unlocks new cosmetic items.

#1 - Located on the catwalks just below the boss in the Saugus Ironworks.

#2 - Found immediately before heading down to the water treatment area in the Weston Water Treatment Plant inside an office that is full of generators.

#3 - Found in the main brewing room of the Beantown Brewery in the Foreman's Office.

#4 - In Hardware Town, head upstairs to the office to find this magazine on a desk.

#5 - Located on a table in front of the fighting pit (where you recruit Cait) at the Combat Zone bar.


These magazines don't actually come with any perks, but if you find them they do come with a fun holotape game.

#1 - In the Minuteman safe house atop the Museum of Freedom, this magazine will be on the desk next to a computer terminal.

#2 - Found in the Fort Hagen Command Terminal where you speak to Kellogg. The magazine will be near his terminal.

#3 - Inside the Valentine Detective Agency in Diamond City, the magazine will be sitting on a desk in the back right corner.

#4 - Located on a desk in the basement in the Memory Den in Goodneighbor.

Taboo Tattoos

What better time than the end of the world to get a little ink? Taboo Tattoos unlocks different tattoos for your irradiated flesh.

#1 - Located inside the metal trailer caravan in Thicket Excavations.

#2 - Located inside the scavenger's sleeping area at the Concord Civic Access on the floor next to the Steamer Trunk.

#3 - At the Irish Pride Industries Shipyard, this issue is located on a metal bench inside the docked ship.

#4 - Inside Vault 81, players will find this magazine inside Horatio's barber shop.

#5 - Found in the Mass Pike Tunnel near the Power Armor station.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

Who couldn't use more jerky in their lives? Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor assures that prices lower on goods from select vendors.

#1 - Found atop a barrel in the pipe tunnel at Walden Pond.

#2 - Located by the television set inside Mystic Pines.

#3 - Found on the magazine stand inside the Super Duper Mart.

#4 - Located on the metal catwalk in the main cannery room by the bobblehead at Longneck Lukowski's Cannery.

#5 - Found on top of some containers at Big John's Salvage.

#6 -Found on the parasol table on the upper deck of the FMS Northern Star.

#7 - Head into the basement locker room at the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant to find the magazine on a bench.

#8 - At the Gwinnett Brewery, head up the metal catwalk to find this issue near the northwest wall.

Tesla Science

Named after the father of energy weapons, it is only natural that Tesla Science will increase critical damage with energy weapons by 5% with each issue.

#1 - Found in the CEO's Office on the second floor of the Arcjet Systems building.

#2 - Found on the lower level filleting room of Mahkra Fishpacking on a table in the north east corner.

#3 - Located on a wooden bench in the warehouse kitchen of Reeb Marina.

#4 - Located in the Rocky Cave that serves as Virgil's home atop the broken refrigerator.

#5 - Located by the bobblehead on the central catwalk at Poseidon Energy.

#6 - Located in the Weaponization Research Lab in the northeast corner of HalluciGen, Inc.

#7 - Found in the upper offices above the glass floor, the magazine can be found on a computer bank on the southeast mezzanine of the Mass Fusion building.

#8 - Found in the upper office floor above the entrance lobby on a desk at the General Atomics Factory.

#9 - Located on the top floor of University Point in the northern computer room.

Total Hack

You can hack terminals with the best of them, but Total Hack unlocks the ability to hack protectrons, spotlights, and turrets.

#1 - Found beneath the central tree in Wildwood Cemetery.

#2 - Inside Wattz Consumer Electronics, the issue is on the terminal desk in the basement server room.

#3 - In the Shamrock Taphouse, this issue will be in the hands of a female mannequin standing on top a table.

Tumblers Today

It may be a serious niche publication, but for those who like to do a little breaking and entering, Tumblers Today will improve your lock picking skills.

#1 - Fight through the raider camp at Malden Center and find the issue in one of the cargo containers near a guard post.

#2 - Located in the Poseidon Energy Turbine #18-F in the northwest corner of the facility on a shelf in the control room.

#3 - Located by a black sofa in the commentator's area at the East City Downs Racetrack.

#4 - Located inside a locker in the maintenance room at the West Roxbury Station.

#5 - Located in the prison cell-type area of Fens Street Sewer.


Unstoppable is for all those walking, talking tanks out there. Each issue collected of this magazine will give a 1% chance of avoiding damage from an attack.

#1 - Found on top of the shack by the river at the Westing Estate.

#2 - Found in the library office nearby a Steamer Trunk in Shaw High School.

#3 - Located on the upper floor library room of the Suffolk County Charter School.

#4 -Located just in front of the Grognak's Axe display case in Hubris Comics.

#5 - Located on the table above the Fat Man in the basement swimming area of the D.B. Technical High School.

U.S. Covert Operations Manual

This magazine is all about the finer points of military-grade stealth. With each issue, you will be hard to detect while sneaking.

#1 - In order to get this issue, you must first hack the terminal at the southeast building of the USAF Satellite Station Olivia. Inside, the magazine will be by the mini nuke.

#2 - Head to the Slocum Joe's building in Lexington and take the elevator down. Head down to the Executive Office and the magazine will be on the desk beside the terminal.

#3 - Found in the cafeteria inside the barracks area of the National Guard Training Yard.

#4 - Find the satellite in the center without a dish in the Revere Satellite Array and ascend the staircase; the magazine will be in a hut at the top.

#5 - Close to the exit near Red Tourette's Base, the magazine will be on a coffee table in front of a sofa in the Federal Ration Stockpile.

#6 - Located on a nightstand in a bedroom east of the armory at the Fort Hagan Command Center.

#7 - Found on the middle deck of the main shanty ship in Libertalia by a red chair.

#8 - Located in General Brock's Office in Fort Strong beside his terminal.

#9 - Entering the Abandoned Shack, climbing down to the Federal Survival Center below, the magazine is found by the light blue computers.

#10 - Found on the corner table in the Captain's Room of the USS Constitution.

Wasteland Survival Guide

Like other magazines, the Wasteland Survival unlocks a new perk with each issue. However, some issues also open bonus content, making these a must find.

#1 - Located on a table inside the Ranger Cabin, this magazine increases healing done by fruits and vegetables by 50%.

#2 - Located on a computer desk inside the bunker at the Gorski Cabin, this copygrants players 5% less damage from insect enemies.

#3 - Located in a locked cabin near the silos at the Sunshine Tidings Co-op on a mattress, this magazine grants 50% more healing from food or drink that gives radiation.

#4 - Found inside the main shack at Lynn Woods atop a sleeping bag in the Steamer Trunk, this copy unlocks new settlement decorations.

#5 - Found at the Old Gullet Sinkhole inside the hole itself next to the cooking station, this magazine allows Diamond City to be permanently marked on your map.

#6 - Located on the lower level of the Crater House on a table, this copy reduces food and drink prices bought from vendors by 10%.

#7 - Found on a desk on the ground floor of the Nahant Oceanological Society by a typewriter, this allows for 25% faster swimming.

#8 - Located on top of the diner counter at the coolant recharge station at the Egret Tours Marina, this magazine causes players to take 5% less damage from melee attacks.

#9 - Located beneath the bridge on the water level of the USS Riptide, this copy allows you to gather more meat from animal kills.

You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

This singular children's book is easy to find, and it gives one extra skill point. What could be better?

#1 - After the blast it may be under some junk, but it sits on the bedroom floor of Shaun's room in your old house at Sanctuary.

Need More Help?

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