Fallout New Vegas
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I have been playing the game Fallout New Vegas for PC recently and it is one of the best games I have played in a long time. You start out in a cut scene where you are a courier carrying a mysterious package when you are stopped by a man in a striped suit. You are shot in the head and are buried. You wake up in the doctor’s office in a small desert town. The game has a creative way of deciding your stats by having the doctor check out you condition on some sort of love tester machine. The machine is mentioned several other times in the game so it isn’t just a one-time thing.


Doc. Mitchell
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The game is set after the nuclear fallout and the city of Las Vegas is one of the few things that survived in the wasteland of the southwest. The New California Republic[2] and Caesars Legion are the two armies that emerged from the wasteland. The NCR is more organized and more like our current armies while Caesars Legion is more disorganized and barbaric. The one place untouched by the armies’ fighting is New Vegas, the shining light in the otherwise dark and dull wasteland that is post fallout Nevada. The only reason one of the armies hasn’t invaded is because of the guard robots controlled by Mr. House[1].

New California Republic Flag
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New Vegas and its mostly unknown benefactor Mr. House are some of the remnants of the old world. The strip is owned by five families and Mr. House all of them have their own casinos but Mr. House’s is very exclusive and can only be visited by special guests of Mr. House.  You get to visit him later in the game and he told you what the package you were carried in the beginning was and that he needs you to get it back. The man that robbed you is the owner of one of The Tops[3], one of the most popular hotels on the strip. You need to get the package back from him and give it to Mr. House The beginning of the game is spent looking for him and getting your revenge. One enemy you will encounter in your journeys are the ghouls.

New Vegas
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The ghouls[4] are the victims of the nuclear energy and some of them are part of a cult that you have to help assemble rockets to get to a new land. There are tons of activities you have to do to get to that end point and it gets tedious at times but it is worth it go get to some later missions. Ghouls are also a major part of society ranging from hobos to comedians and everywhere in between. Not all of them are enemies and some of them are even quite useful. The least useful are Golden Ghouls which are radioactive and increase your RAD meter.

One of the more annoying ghouls
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A RAD[5] is a measurement of radiation that is used in the game. If you get enough RADs you will get rad poisoning and your health will slowly decrease.  You can get RADs from contaminated food, water, or certain enemies. You can also get RADs from certain areas or nuclear waste that is mostly found by or in vaults. Vaults are where people stayed during the nuclear holocaust and are usually populated by giant geckos or still populated by their original inhabitants sometimes they will be populated by both.

Rad meter
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Fallout New Vegas is one of Bethesdas[6] greatest games so far and also one of my favorite games. When a game is this fun and creative it is hard not to play it. If you have had any fun experiances with this game feel free to tell me in the comment section.

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