Falls of Rauros album cover


-Its free
-Its pretty high quality for being a form of black metal.
-All instruments are played expertly.
-Many instruments are implemented into the sound. From electric guitars to acoustic guitars to flutes.
-The vocal style is enjoyable because the vocalist does not only implement screaming, but also some clean singing/chanting.


-Muddy production on the drums. Its not horrible but it could be better.
-Occasionally the songs feel like they should just end but continue on.

Full Review

Falls of Rauros is an extremely underground blackened folk metal band. For those literary buffs, they chose their name after reading the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien and reading about the Falls of Rauros.

I personally love folk metal and black metal, and to see both of these genres fused together is just wonderful. This band is similar in style to a more popular blackened folk metal band named Agalloch. Strangely enough, when genres are tossed around the bands sound really begins to lose its form. In many ways, Falls of Rauros (like Agalloch as well) break the boundaries of these two limiting genres; and find was to make their sound unique.

Before I begin my review for this album, I must add that it is not an album that can be found in stores. In fact, it is available for free via Falls of Rauros' myspace. They are very generous to offer up 4 full length songs for free. The songs themselves are all over 5 minutes long, and one of them even runs about 10 minutes long.

As with most black metal albums, the sound quality is not what you would find in pop music. That said, this is very high quality relative to many other albums available. In general, most of the songs are very light despite frequent usage of distortion guitars. Black metalesque vocals are also to be found, as well as some clean singing. The folk aspect of the songs comes into play through the usage of acoustic guitars and some flutes occasionally. If I were to describe the feeling this album gives off, it would definitly be peaceful or melencholy.

Musically, there is very little to say that I have not already stated. In truth these songs are all beautiful in there own way, and need to be experienced in order to understand. I could sit here and write about their usage of light electric guitar melodies over soft acoustic chords and arpeggios, however that really does little to describe how exellently it all fits together to create a lovely atmosphere. When considering the folk element, do not be fooled by the word "folk" as to many people it implies an artist such as Bob Dylan. To sum up the idea of "folk music" presented here, I would describe it as transforming music into nature. Many natural sounds are present, as if you could hear this as you walk in the woods.

My favorite songs off of this album are by far "To Witness Existance as a Subservient Entity" and "A Silent Premonition (of Our End)."

In Closing

I highly recommend downloading this album. You have nothing to lose. If you enjoy it, you will cherish it. If you don't like it, just delete it. It is really a win-win situation for any music lover: to have the opportunity to have good, free music. Albums these days are so expensive to buy from a music store, and it is great to see bands offering up free music so generously.