Are you confused about the differences between the types of false nails? If you are, you're reading the right article. In this article, we'll analyze the differences between acrylic nails, wraps, gel nails, and press-on nails. Beyond the ones mentioned, there are few other types of specialty nails. These types of nails are location specific and will change based on where you are. Once you've finished reading this, you should be able to determine the differences between the main types of fake nails.

When you go to the salon or store to buy artificial nails, you'll discover that it's really hard to see the differences between fake and real nails. They are sturdier compared to natural nails but you still have to take care of your hands and nails. When using artificial nails, never rip off your natural nails and never use them for anything but as aesthetic part of your body.

Acrylic nails are the hottest type of artificial nails on the market. Acrylic nails can be found in every nail salon across the nation. They're also one of the cheapest types of nails and are very durable. Assuming they were applied correctly, acrylic nails are harmless to your existing nails. The main downside is that your nails are weakened even before putting on the artificial nails. If applied incorrectly, when you have natural nails filed down, they can end up getting yellow and brittle.

For the most realistic looking artificial nails, you should go with gel nails. They're typically really clear and have a gloss finish. When you are applying it, you will not be bothered by odors compared to the acrylic type. To remove it, you must let them grow out so you can eventually file them down.

If you have a broken nail, you can use a nail wrap to repair it. They're also very useful for extending your existing nail tips. These types of false nails aren't very durable, but they do make for a low-maintenance for some people. Once you have nail wraps applied to your fingers, you cannot get rid of them. The only solution for removal is letting them grow out.

You can find press-on nails at any local store. They are those kits that serve as a quick fix to satisfy your craving for beautiful nails. As far as artificial nails go, they are the cheapest solution out there. They're really simple to apply on your fingers and don't require a professional salon. Press-on nails are very temporary and won't look very real. But since they're the least expensive of the types of artificial nails, who's going to complain?

Once you've bought your false nails, make sure you take care of them. Do not rip them off and never apply them yourself if you do not know how to.