The internet is full with misleading advertisements about fast weight loss.  There are all sorts of products that want to make you believe you will lose 10 kilo’s in a week or even less time. The demand for these types of diets is huge, because it is what everyone wants.  People hope that they can lose weight in short time without exerting some effort. However this is impossible.  This article will discuss why these diets do not work and what you must do instead to become slim.

Magic Pill Mentality

What people want the most is some sort of magic pill that instantly cures them of all their problems. This pill does not exist. You have to adopt a new lifestyle in order to become permanently fit and slim. The so called crash diets will indeed make you slim and fit in a short time, if you  implement them well, however it is just temporary, because without a healthy lifestyle, the snapback effect will occur: You will gain all weight back and sometimes become even less slim than you was for the begin of the diet!

Changing your lifestyle is not as hard as it may sound. You just have to change your daily habits. Walk to your work instead of taking the car. And if your work is too far away, take a bicycle. Take one step at a time. You can begin walking 15 minutes a day in the evening and expanding this time every day with 5 more minutes. Start replacing the chocolate bars with Goji berries. Over time your lifestyle will be much healthier and it is just a matter of time before you start losing weight rapidly. However patience is needed because success will not occur overnight.

Mental techniques

In order to assist you in the process of changing your lifestyle, try using mental techniques. The best mental techniques are: visualization, affirmation and association.

One of the best things you can do is start visualizing your ideal body and how you are going to achieve it. This communicates your goal to the subconscious brain and this will certainly assist you.  Your subconscious will prevent you from eating the French fries and instead opt for Broccoli.

Affirmations make you believe that it is possible. Repeat everyday aloud how much weight you will lose. If you really believe you can do it, it is possible. Think of ‘The Secret’ but then with weight loss. These techniques really do work.

Finally associate pain with bad foods and weight gaining and associate pleasure with losing weight and exercise. This can be done by punishing yourself for faulty behavior and rewarding yourself if you have just walked for an hour.