Fame, Success and Money: Writing That Elusive Article.

If you have been writing for a while, you would have wondered what it takes to make it to the big time. That is to say, you want to know what you need to write about that will make you famous. What writing style you should adopt in order to be able to get readers attention and constant traffic to every single article you write. What prose you should use that will hypnotize your readers and get publishers lining up to sign you to their organization? What do you have to do to be featured in Oprah Winfrey's show? How can you write and see the adsense numbers in 6 figures. Writing that elusive article is the dream of every writer. Why is it elusive? It is elusive because you keep searching and you tend to get so close, only to find out it is a moving target. It is the type of articles that others write and you can only dream about. Is there a secret to how you can achieve your most cherished desire? Have you already written "that article" but you are just not aware of it? If you don't understand, search for "that green dress" and you will probably start to understand the effect of that elusive article. That elusive article is not only limited to short articles but could also be books.

I have tried to search on the internet in my quest to finding the secret to being a famous writer. Unfortunately, it still remains a secret. It transpires that famous writers are not always the best. Furthermore, writing is a subjective art and what makes for good reading is not always universal. If you take the Harry Porter series as an example, was it the elusive novel? Who knew it was going to be a hit and make the writer scandalously rich and famous? Apart from the controversy generated by the film, could you say J.K. Rowling wrote "that" elusive novel? For most writers, the satisfaction comes from writing and the recognition in the form of money or fame is an added bonus. As a writer you will never stop trying to be better and surpass yourself. However, the very nature of writing means you depend on others. You write because you want people to read your thoughts. You need the nod of approval as a catalyst to keep the momentum going. What is the point of writing something that you know nobody is going to read? You don't right for yourself, you write for others.

Writing that elusive article is a lifelong effort that comes in stages. You write what you think is the elusive article and that will keep you satisfied for a while. You will later discover that it is not and you set off again in search of the unknown. Maybe the elusive article is what others write and you wish you had written.

If you were to think of it, why were the Harry Porter series successful? It is not because they were written by the best writer in the world. What about the Lords of the Rings series? There is a bit of luck when it comes to writing that elusive book or article. If you think about the Mills and Boons novel. They have been running for years, to be more specific, they started out in 1908. This is a series written simultaneous by multiple writers mostly women. What they've achieved over the years shows that it is possible to write that elusive book or article.

If you were to analyze those who have been able to write that elusive book or article, you will realize that there is no apparent logic. Those who wrote them just did so and success came later. The most popular books by distribution at the moment are the Bible, Quran and Other books that have been in circulation for decades or hundreds of years. Maybe your elusive articles or book will only make it big once you are gone. People will admire your work and you will become famous posthumously. That is not what most writers desire. We want it now or we want it yesterday. It can be frustrating to strive to achieve something that isn't that clear and precise. This just highlights the fact that you need to keep writing and like gambling, you might hit the jackpot. You might have written that elusive article or book but you might just not be aware of it. This will push you to continue to fight and improve your writing in the hope of achieving something new.

No matter what your goal as a writer might be, you will already know that challenging yourself is the key to keep writing. If you keep longing for that target, it can be beneficial. You will keep the dream alive and will be able to overcome the desire to give up and do something else. Hope is the key and humans live because we hope that tomorrow will bring something better.

Did the writer of the bible knew that 2 thousand years after their death, that millions of people will still be inspired by what they wrote? I doubt they understood the impact their message would have on the lives of millions now living. What about the Quran and its message? Who would have thought that so many people will still swear by the revelations of the prophet Mohammed? The Quran was written in Arabic and there are loads of people who have learned the language just to be able to get a glimpse of the message contained in it. Who knows what will happen to the text you have already written? You might be the next big thing that will inspire millions of people in years to come. In the list of most popular books, you will be surprise to find "The lord of the Rings" and "The truth that leads to eternal life". The lord of the rings was written by J.R.R Tolkien and the "The truth that leads to eternal life", by the Jehovah's Witnesses group. These had millions of readers all over the world. If they could do it so could you.