When a human body reacts abnormally to milk or any of the products that essentially contain milk, this is called milk allergy. It is a general observation that it is the cow’s milk that causes the allergic reaction in individuals. Furthermore, a few of the kids who have this allergy are also found to be allergic to the soy milk as well. This type of allergy is regarded as the most common type of food allergy that can be found in the kids. The time taken for the symptoms or the allergy signs to show up usually ranges from a few minutes to a few hours. Also, the symptoms vary from one person to another depending upon several factors.


As mentioned earlier, the symptoms might take from a few minutes to a few hours to show up. The symptoms that take less time in getting visible include hives, vomiting as well as wheezing. On the other hand, the symptoms that take more amount of time to get visible include loose stools that can have blood in them, cramps in the abdomen, running or stuffy nose, itchy rashes around the mouth area, diarrhea and colic in toddlers and so on. A very rare symptom that is associated with this form of allergy is anaphylaxis, which is indeed a life threatening defect.


Similar to how all the other allergies are caused, milk allergy is also caused when the immune system in the human body starts to malfunction. What happens in this situation is that certain proteins that are contained in milk are not identified by the human immune system and therefore it reacts abnormally to them. This triggers the symptoms to take a visible form in the human bodies. The two important proteins that are present in the milk of the cows and which are identified by the human immune system as threats are casein and whey. A chemical by the name histamine also causes allergies in the humans.

Risk factors and complications

There are a number of risk factors that are closely linked to milk allergy. These are inclusive of age, atopic dermatitis, other allergies and family history etc. As far as the age of the individuals is concerned, they are observed to be less allergic to milk as the age progresses. This is due to the reasons that as the individuals get older their digestive system grows as well as matures with them. The majority of the children who are allergic to milk are also allergic to many other food items. This is a very common observation. Also, if both the parents of the kid are suffering from some kind of food allergy, then there are chances for the kid also to be allergic to all those foods.

The above discussion gives the readers an insight into the milk allergy as well as what to expect if the individuals are suffering from this allergy. In case the symptoms are severe, then it is best to go check with a doctor at the earliest. This is due to the fact that early cure is the best in the case of this allergy.