Christmas Ornaments and Keepsakes

Family Christmas Fun #1 : Making Old Fashioned Christmas tree Ornaments!


Here are two great family Christmas activities that you can turn into a tradition, or have personalized ornament keepsakes to remember a very special Christmas!

This year, why not spend some real quality time with your family, and create holiday lasting memories shared by creating ornaments together?


What you will need:

  • Round Wooden Clothespins
  • Paints (Model Paint works well)
  • Fabrics, clay, Beads, Papers, Recycled Material ,Felt, Lace, Sequins, be creative!
  • Paint Brushes
  • Thinner for Paint (Toxic-Use caution around very small children)
  • Glue


There are many choices for your ornament. Will you make an elf? A toy soldier? Mr. and Mrs. Clause? How about Jack Frost? A snowman? 

How about a playful design, a current design, or perhaps an ornament that reflects a different culture or period of time? 

Choose your colors and pre-cut the fabrics for wings, hats, cloaks, or jackets to dress your ornaments. Be as elaborate and whimsical as your imagination will allow. You can use model paint for faces and other detail. You can also use it to design clothing where you choose not to use fabric and paint the character instead! Gold and silver model paint can add a lovely touch to angel ornaments, or maybe a deep blue for the uniform of a toy soldier, both will look great, and make wonderful keepsakes for many Christmases to come!

Make sure you use the model paint before you dress the ornaments with fabric, allowing ample time for the paint to dry. Fabric glue works well with the ornament, followed by sequins for finishing touches of buttons, belts, wings, and more!



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Scrabble Tile Ornament Gifts and Keepsakes

Family Christmas Fun - Activity #2 : Making Christmas Keepsakes: These tiles can last though many Christmases, can be made as ornaments by securing a bail loop on the back with glue and a hook to hang from your Christmas tree, or a simlpe chain necklace to thread through the bail. This will become a pendant and will make a wonderful gift!


 What you will need:

  • Scrabble Tiles
  • Ruler or Measuring Tape
  • X-acto Knife or Scissors
  • Images (photos, fancy prints, wrapping paper, santa stickers, etc.)
  • Glue or Sealant (I like to use Mod Podge)
  • Diamond Glaze (creates glass-like finish)
  • small paint brush
  • tweezers
  • Aanraku bails 


Begin by placing your scrabble tile letter side face down on your  protected work surface. You may want to choose a specific letter if this ornament (or pendant) is to be a gift. Either way, both can be hung up on your Christmas tree for decoration!

Using a ruler or measuring tape, carefully cut out your image to the size of the scrabble tile. Once you have an image that fits the tile, use your paint brush to cover the blank side of the tile with your seleant. Then, carefully place the image with tweezers on top of the tile. Next, cover the image on the tile with a small amount of the sealant and allow to dry 15- 20 minutes per coat. (Make sure you clean up any sealant on your brush and other areas while wet with hot, soapy water.)

Next, using your Diamond Glaze, cover the image on the tile evenly to create a glass-like finish. When using your glaze, never shake the bottle to avoid excess air bubble creation. To get rid of any air bubbles, tap the nozzle of the bottle on to your workspace until you have a solid flow of the glaze. If you do accidentally end up with a air bubble in the glaze, use a pin to work the air bubble up and off the surface of the image and out of the glaze itself.  When finished, allow at least 2-3 hours drying time.  For best results, cover the tiles after applying glaze to avoid dust or other tiny imperfections in your ornaments or keepsakes. 

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