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Family Guy- The Quest for Stuff Leveling Up Guide

Freemium Gaming, Know What You Are Getting Into

Freemium games are continuing their dominance in the mobile gaming world.  For those that do not know, these games all share similar characteristics such as being “free” to download, have time sensitive gameplay (actions take minutes/hours/days to complete) and have an option to speed up any action in the game through a resource that is extremely limited.  Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is no different than the hundreds of other titles that share many of the same gameplay elements.  In this guide, I am going to show you the tricks to getting your overall game level as high as possible, as quickly as possible.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Money, It Makes Time Fly and Life More Fun

First, to get anywhere in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff you will need money and golden clams.  Guess which is the more limited resource in this game.  Golden clams are not so easy to come by, and a cursory look at the store shows some of the more interesting items are going to run you a few hundred clams (Cleveland Brown’s home is 300 golden clams for example).  For now, we are going to ignore those items and focus on the cash only stuff (i.e., standard buildings and decorations).

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Galaxy S4 Android

Everything Takes Too Long, This Sucks- Or, More Time to Play Other Games While You Wait

As you will quickly find out, doing anything in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff requires time, or a lot of Golden Clams (but you are saving those for the better stuff).  To start off, give your characters short time things to do- depending on the character their shortest could be one minute or one hour.  This will get your characters busy doing something that will earn them experience, which helps level them up to do more stuff, and earning you money, that you can use to buy more stuff for your town.

Keeping everyone busy is the key to making the most of your characters and their abilities without dropping cold hard cash on things.  As characters level up they will be able to do more things- their action list reflects their full activity list and even tells you what level they have to be to do things.

Pay attention to the values for money and experience earned per activity.  The longer the time required to complete an activity the less money/experience per hour earned.  Shorter activities will earn more, but require more of your attention to keep everyone busy (which can be a hassle when you have 20+ characters to look after).

Picking shorter activities for when you have time to focus on Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is great.  When you know you will have a long period of time that you cannot access the game you should pick longer activities- afterall, if they are not doing something for you, they are not earning.

Special Events and How You Can Maximize Your Time During the Holidays

Special events are hitting Quahog left and right.  I started playing again in late September of this year.  Since then I have played through the Halloween special, which included a great nod to Ghostbusters.  Right now it is the Christmas time event, complete with Die Hard references and lots of mall Santa Clause characters.  Each of these events are time limited which means you have to collect as many characters, outfits and buildings as you can before time runs out.  I missed out on a lot of the Ghostbusters stuff because I was playing “all wrong”.

During these events you need to focus on gathering certain things to unlock better in game stuff.  For Christmas it is gingerbread men and rarer Christmas tree ornaments and stockings.  The gingerbread men are used for buying certain items that will drop ornaments which are used to level up your Christmas tree.  Certain characters can earn both items through doing activities and even certain buildings can drop either item, or both, at the end of their waiting period.

During these special events it is imperative, if you want to get the limited edition stuff, to focus on doing activities that drop gingerbread men and ornaments.  This is true even if it is a longer event and you could earn more cash/experience doing something else with that character. 

Be careful though, some activities require a second character and possibly a certain costume that you must unlock.  These tie up two characters so pay attention, it may be better to do separate things with each rather than combining them for a period of time.

Making Money in Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Android Samsung S4 Galaxy

What To Do In General - When All Else is Done Do These Things

You start Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff with one worker, he is Mexican, if you have seen the show you know it is going to be a racist portrayal.  He works hard for you but he is not all that fast at his job, he takes time to do things just like everyone else.  What you need is a second worker which will cost you 50 golden clams.

Save up and make that second worker your priority.  It will save you a ton of waiting, and missed opportunities, later.  Once you have your second worker you can, obviously, do two things at once.  Don’t worry about getting the third worker, he will cost you 125 golden clams and is not worth it considering the benefits of having him.

Once you have your second worker focus on clearing land for more buildings outside of the ones that are required by characters to do things (such as buying the Drunken Clam where a lot of the early stuff will happen).  Clearing land only requires money, time and a worker.  Early on clearing land is not all that big of a deal but later, as you clear the area to the upper left of the Griffen house you will begin to see one day and eight hours, ore more, and a cost of $40,000+.  You will need this land for the buildings that we are going to be building that make the money to clear more land.

Clearing land is also a requirement when opening new areas, as is repairing the buildings that will give you additional characters to collect things to unlock.  With two workers you can speed things up quite a bit.

Now, how are you going to collect that $40,000+ to clear some of the more expensive land?  By building one certain building which is cheap and produces a lot of money in a 24 hour period.

Here are some stats of some of the buildings you probably see:

Average Office- 25 experienceand $40 every six hours, costs $300
Common Office- 5 experience and $10 every hour, costs $150
Typical Office- 20 experience and $30 every four hours, costs $250
Standard Office- 15 experience and $20 every two hours, costs $200

All of these buildings take 30 minutes to build.  At first glance you may be thinking we need to build the common office because it drops 5 experience and $10 every hour.  That is a nice choice but it pales in comparison to the money/experience earner, the Standard Office.  The Common Office only drops 10 experience and $20 every two hours versus the 5 experience bonus that the Standard Office adds for the same period of time.  5 experience points may not sound like a big deal but early on it makes a huge difference and it adds up.  If you hit every possible payout for these two buildings in a 24 hour period it would look like this:

Common Office- 120 experiene and $240
Standard Office- 180 experience and $240

That is an additional 60 experience points every 24 hours, or every 12 payout clicks that you make.  Over a few months that could mean several levels.  In the amount of time I have been playing (since late September) I have already passed level 40 and am looking to be at level 45 to 48 by the end of the year with this trick.

After the first 10 payout clicks on the Standard Office you will be making a profit.  Whenever possible, if you build the Standard Office you will have a ton of money and experience rolling in every two hours.  If you have 50 Standard Office buildings built then every two hours you are earning $1,000 and 750 experience points.  That is on top of all of the experience points and money that comes in from other buildings and the cash that characters earn doing things.

Freemium games don’t have to break the bank to be enjoyable.  Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is one that makes it easy to enjoy while not requiring you to spend money to do even the simplist thing.  There are certain things that are impossible to earn without spending money but that is the point behind these types of games, to get you to  spend money.