Family G

The show "Family Guy" is one of the most watched tv shows in the country- almost 6 million people. Yet, this show is extremely offensive in its portrayal of many social, and personal, situations.

For example, I was searching through for something to watch. A recent Family Guy episode came up, and so I clicked on it- not knowing what to expect. The title of this episode was "Extra-Large Medium." In that show, Peter's son, Chris, wants to ask a girl, Ellen, out at school. Come to find out, she has Down Syndrome. He finally gets the guts to ask her, and she says she would meet him at 8 on Saturday (in a very unintelligent voice).

Later that day, as Chris is getting ready to go pick the girl up; Stewie starts singing a song about the girl. The song is EXTREMELY derogatory. From lines such as:

"...You must impress that ultra-boomin',
All-consumin', Poorly-groomin'
Down syndrome girl!"


"Mega-rocking, pillow-talking,
Just a little crooked walking,
Coyly pouting...
For some reason always shouting, Down Syndrome girl!"

- It is obvious that the makers of this show have absolutely no respect for others that may have one extra chromosome. I, for one, am extremely offended. That is mostly because my younger sister has Down Syndrome, and she is the greatest person I know. How a person could be so cold-hearted and sick as the creator of this, I will never understand.

The New York Times says that 90 percent of mothers who find out they have a child with Down Syndrome, abort. This is just one of the many reasons our country is not as great as it once was. Until we learn to love special people, we will never regain the strength and glory we once had. We will never be truly united. This is a terrible blow at America's foundation- equality for all. These people are not anything less than what we are-- they simply have one extra chromosome.