Family law is a subset in the overall practice of law. Laws are something created to keep people in line, functioning without chaos. It is thought that without laws there would be utter chaos and violence. The arm of law is too large not to have it broken down into subsections, such as criminal law, environmental law, civil law, and many more types of law. One of these is family law. Family law is an important legal practice that deals with very intimate parts of people's lives. It is the area of law that deals with all things family and domestic related.

Family law attorneys deal a variety of issues. For example, a family law practice might encounter some of the following types of cases: contested and uncontested divorces, child custody and child support issues, enforcement of final judgments, termination of parental rights, domestic violence problems, civil unions, adoption, separation, division of marital assets, and much more. A good family law attorney should limit their caseload in order to provide the best representation to their current cases. Because family law cases can be simple or complex, the price range varies. It is dependent on the family law attorney as to the legal fees they will charge. There are also some attorneys who work for minimal wages to assist people who would otherwise not be able to afford representation. Attorney who work in family law should have compassion, integrity, and empathy high on their list of standards. It is a very difficult and sometimes thankless job to work in family law.

The practice of family law is growing and changing with society. In the United States, some states are legalizing domestic partnerships and civil unions between same sex couples. While the country remains divided on who should be allowed to love whom, there are family law attorneys who are encountering this topic head on. They have the opportunity to support a couple seeking to acknowledge their commitment with a ceremony and legal documentation or by assisting in the adoption rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals and couples. Family law is changing as the idea and concept of family evolves.

People who are engaging first hand in family law, as a client or bystander of someone getting divorced, or going through some other type of family law case, can see how emotional and hard it is. Those clients who are involved in family law cases need to focus on building support systems however they can because even though the outcome might look good, the law is an interesting thing and justice does not always fall where she should. It is also important to remember that the family law lawyer usually works as hard as possible for their client. Family law is an area where attorneys can burn out because of the stress and emotional cases that cross their desks. There is a completely different type of emotion attached to helping someone get their money back in a civil case compared to working for the rights of a child who was sold. Family law attorneys usually go into that specific area of law because they want to make a difference.