Family Night Ideas for 'Girls' Night In!'

You want to spend quality time with your daughter(s), but you need some family night ideas. How about doing crafts together? Crafting is a great way to spend time together. When you teach your daughter(s) a craft, it is something she will be able to do the rest of her life. And wonderful memories will be made.

Before beginning your family night ideas – mother and daughter(s) crafts, let’s eat! While it is fun, and less expensive to cook at home, sometimes it is nice to take an evening off. Other options for foods include takeout pizza (Costco and Sam’s Club currently offer a large takeout pizza for around $10.00.) Another favorite is a bucket of fried or baked chicken, and don’t forget to get some sides. Or, use your calendar coupons, from Chick-fil-A or McDonalds, and pick up a bag of already prepared treats.

Family Night Ideas - Crochet

Family Night Ideas – CrochetCredit: AmazonCrocheting is a wonderful craft to teach your daughter(s). I remember my mother teaching me the basic stitches. This is an inexpensive craft to start, since all you need are some crochet hooks and thread/yarn. So, if your mother taught you how to crochet, now would be a good time to share this skill with your daughter(s). However, if this is a new craft for everyone, then visit your local craft shop, and they will help you get the materials you need. They will also help you to choose a simple pattern, and they will show you the basic stitches. Be sure to pick up beginner’s books from the library for in-depth details on making stitches. And of course, there is a lot of information online that can also help you to learn. Another option is to purchase one of those ‘learn to crochet kits’, which come complete with materials and instructions.

Family Night Ideas - Embroidery

Family Night Ideas – EmbroideryCredit: AmazonEmbroidery is one of the oldest crafts, and is one of the easiest to learn. Embroidery can be done several ways and on lots of different materials. Some of the most popular types of embroidery are counted cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel embroidery, candlewicking, and smocking. Again, if you know how to make embroidery stitches, and you have the equipment for it, then you are all set to teach others how it is done. If this is new for you, then follow the same directions above (under crochet) about where to get materials and help. I think one of the easiest, and least expensive, ways to learn is get one of the all-inclusive kits.

Family Night Ideas - Knitting

Family Night Ideas – KnittingCredit: AmazonFor me, knitting was the hardest skill to learn. For some reason, two needles where just too much for me. But I am so glad that I stuck with it, and I now enjoy knitting very much. All of these needlecrafts are great stress relievers, too. So, with that being said, this is a great craft to learn and to do. Not only is it relaxing, but you can also make beautiful accessories to wear as well as decorations for your home. And hand knit items make marvelous gifts. Knitting is also a great way to socialize. I belong to a local knitting group, and we have great fun meeting together to knit. As you can see, learning to knit is a lifetime gift.

Family Night Ideas - Loom and Hook Weaving

Family Night Ideas – Loom and Hook WeavingCredit: Amazon

This is one of the easiest crafts for a girl to learn. It is fun, and they can easily experience the pleasure of actually making something. What brings the most joy is presenting their first potholder to their mom and watching her use it in the kitchen. It offers her the opportunity to make something for others, and she will eagerly make potholders for gifts for the grannies, aunts, and others. Don’t miss the chance to teach your young girl this skill.



Family Night Ideas - Macramé

Family Night Ideas – MacraméCredit: Amazon

Macramé is the art of creating objects by tying knots. There are several types of knots used, and by varying where the knots are placed, designs are formed. Macramé is used to make many different items, such as:  wall hangings, hanging baskets, hammocks, belts, and jewelry, just to name a few. Most of our young people, today, wear friendship bracelets, and they are made using a form of macramé. When you choose this craft to work on with your daughter, I suggest that you get one of the kits for making friendship bracelets. That way you will have instructions and materials all together.

Family Night Ideas - Scrapbooking

Family Night Ideas – ScrapbookingCredit: AmazonEveryone is doing scrapbooking, and with good reason. It is a wonderful way to save pictures and mementoes. This is a wonderful craft to share with your daughter(s). Working together, you can create pages that will document special times in their lives. Scrapbooking can be expensive; this is definitely one of those projects that you will want to practice the old saying "measure twice and cut once.” Once again, if this is a new craft for you, I suggest that you purchase a kit designed to teach, as well as supply the necessary materials.

All of the kits that I show above are from Amazon, which sells kits that range from beginners to advanced. And your local craft shops are good places to learn, and purchase supplies.

In Closing

Crafting is one of my favorite family night ideas. It is a fun activity for a mother and daughter(s), and the time you spend together is priceless. If you are proficient in a craft, then this is the perfect time to pass it on to your daughter(s). Even if you don’t know one of these crafts, get the craft supplies you need, and learn a new skill together. Most importantly, have fun.

There are many other crafts that are fun and interesting:  Jewelry making is really hot now, crafting with shells is always fun (pick them up on your summer vacation), decoupage, and sewing, etc. are all fun family night ideas.

Crafting is relaxing and fun, and it also helps growing children to develop better hand and eye coordination skills.

No need to put off planning a ‘girls’ night in’, when you have so many family night ideas.