Old Silver BeachCredit: Isabelle Esteves

Summer is a great time to visit the Northeast. So many things to do and places to see are offered that truly, there is something for everyone.

If you ask anyone who lives in the Northeast they will tell you that New England can get very hot and humid during the summer. That is why beach and lake vacations are so popular with locals and tourists alike. The good news is that the Northeast is packed with gorgeous ocean beaches and crystal clear lakes. Surely one will fit everyone's wants and needs.

Saltwater Beaches

If you want to get a real feel for what summer in the Northeast is all about, pack your car, be sure to have a reservation and get in line to cross the Sagamore or the Bourne Bridge onto    Cape Cod. No place is more quintessentially New England than the Cape. There will be crowds, prices will be high, you will have to wait to eat at the most popular restaurants but it is worth it for heaping plates of seafood eaten with the smell of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding you.

Have a bowl of "chowda", picnic on the National Seashore, visit Chatham Light and climb the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. The National Seashore offers miles of pristine beaches and gorgeous sand dunes. This is what summer is all about on Cape Cod. 

If you prefer to run the other way when it comes to crowds, then head farther north to Maine. Crowds  flock to the beaches in lower Maine, Old Orchard Beach, York Beach and even much farther up at Bar Harbor however, in between there are many other beaches where you can enjoy a moment of solitude with the sound of the waves crashing in your ears.


If you like the idea of a fresh water beach vacation with lots of activities and amusements, there are lakes in the Northeast that offer that experience. Lake George in New York and Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire are as commercial as anyone could want. You will find go-cart rides, water parks, miniature golf and much more to keep you active all through your vacation.

How about a quiet lake where it is still possible to hear the birds tweet and the crickets chirp? Upper Vermont is home to Lake Willoughby where it seems time has stood still since the 1950's. You can rent a cottage or stay at an old fashioned motel and enjoy talking to your kids and playing games. There isn't much to do up here except relax and that is just the way it should be.

Historic Villages

If you want to spend a day in a historic village there are four very fine ones in the Northeast:

  • Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, NH
  • Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Mass. 
  • Plimouth Plantation in Plymouth Mass.
  • Old Mystic Village in Mystic, Conn.

Presidential Sites

Presidential sites abound with Coolidge, Pierce, Van Buren, Kennedy and two Adams all having sites that are worthy of a visit. Coolidge has sites in both Vermont and Massachusetts, Van Buren in New Hampshire and the Adams and John F. Kennedy in Massachusetts.


Plan a visit to some amazing cities the Northeast.  New York, Boston, Hartford, Providence and Portland all have a lot to offer to visitors. Great museums, exciting festivals and local walking tours are all available to the many tourist who choose summer to visit.


The Northeastern US is a great place to spend your summer vacation no matter what you consider the perfect getaway. So pack up the car and the kids and head on up, you will find a warm welcome. With seven states to choose from, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, the possibilities are nearly endless. What are you waiting for?




Sunset on Cape Cod

Old Silver Beach North Falmouth

Old Silver Beach
Credit: Isabelle Esteves

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