A Very Brief History

Valentine's Day as we know it today has gone through somewhat of an evolutionary process and  has little resemblance to the original struggles of the St. Valentine priests - there were more than one. Nevertheless, it is a date commemorating their martyrdom during the time the Roman Empire was in power and specifically started as the St. Valentine Feast day to replace an earlier pagan festivity around the third century.

Day of Love

Every year when February approaches, there is eagerness awaiting Valentine’s Day on the 14th of the month. Though there have been various interpretations based on the historical evidence surrounding St. Valentine, it has come to be regarded as a day symbolizing love and romance in many parts of the world.  Embracing the idea of love that this occasion has spread throughout the centuries and understanding how true love can grace our lives is more to the point than

White Rose of LoveCredit: Public Domain

dwelling on blurry historical ramifications and their significance. In so doing, it may be well to emphasize that the real meanings are found in fostering love and compassion among kith and kin, family and friends much more than in wild romantic notions of somehow finding and being with one’s soul-mate. Since there is no Family Day as such, the Family Valentine’s Day is an apt interpretation, the family being undoubtedly the most important social unit where the bonds of love need to be strengthened from year to year.

Family Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to re-discover the wondrous things about having and being part of a family which is more like treading on real ground finding out, once more, how those who have been constantly around us have made our lives more meaningful and worth living.    It The Love of Family on Valentine's DayCredit: Public Domainstarts from the married couple espousing the merits of  a joyous partnership and goes on to the younger generation who are the children of that partnership celebrating the marital bliss that was pivotal in not only giving them existence in this world but also in granting a colourful life of challenges to call their own.

The Most Valuable Valentine Gift

So how does each person in the family celebrate the others and show togetherness for our Family Valentine’s Day?

To begin with, one can get Valentine e-Cards for the husband or wife which is a great way to start. However, you can also make an attempt even closer to heart by making sincere utterances similar to those below. These make for an invaluable outpouring of the true appreciation and affection you have for your family. Words have the power of being remembered eternally.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Wife with a Gift of RosesCredit: Public DomainLet the husband say to the wife :
                                                                                   “You came into my life out of nowhere and have given me more than I could ever ask for.  Your presence is like the presence of light and direction in my life. Forgive me for whatever hurt I may have caused you. Embrace me in the tightest of your embraces and please be generous enough for my sake to spend the rest of your life with me, whatever it may bring. You are ever my Valentine.”

Let the wife say to the husband :

“Where would I be without you? You have been my guardian, my protector, my lover, my solace. I’ll shower my love upon you and hope that you will do the same and not leave me in thirst. I shall spend my life in your embrace for that brings me joy. Wherever you may be, just always come home to me…you are ever my Valentine.”

Let the brother/sister say to his/her sibling/s :

“The time I spent with you was time well spent. I could laugh, cry, play, argue, joke and even fight with you but it never made things worse…only the more have you filled my life with abundance and made me the better person for it. You are truly my sibling Valentines that I shall cherish always.”

Let the child say to his/her father :

“You have always provided nurturing care for me and taken me from strength to strength so that I may survive in this harsh life but never ask anything in return. Here I wish to return just a little of that in my adoration, love and respect for you. Forgive me if I have hurt your feelings. You are my beloved father.”  

Let the child says to his/her mother :

“In pain did you bear me and bring me forth into this world. My upbringing was nothing but your toil and patience. I am eternally indebted to you for the wholesome person I am today. There is nothing I can give you that will have enough significance but I shall always be the child that resides in your heart never wishing to leave and you are eternally the mother whose soul and feelings I shall guard.”

Family Valentine's Day TogethernessCredit: Public Domain

Family Valentine’s Day Ideas

Here’s something you can get going with your family for the Valentine’s Day activities. First, just get the family to take the day off.  You can start off the day with an early ‘rise and shine’. Every meal on that day should be home-cooked with lots of help from the kids maybe with the exception of one meal, say dinner, just for the atmosphere it will create when taken outside with your family on such an auspicious day. All can give a hand at spring-cleaning the family home too if it isn’t already spick-and-span.  Family members(kids and teens included) should spend their time with the family on that day. Lots of conversation should take place in a festive air with exchange of feelings, ideas, thoughts and maybe some feedback on how the family situation could improve if things weren't going particularly well for some reason.  Play some indoor games – anything at all – or maybe something of a family nature where everyone can take part like the Game of Life.  Once you have had your family Valentine’s Day dinner later in a conducive environment it would be time to share the Valentine gifts. Ideally each one in the family gets something for the other even if it’s just heart-shaped chocolate or red glowing candy. The parents or married couple could be more expressive by giving each other gifts that last longer or have some special significance but it's just a choice.  Finally, you will have ended your Valentine's Day in the best possible way and be able to cherish it for a long time to come.

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