If we want our children to learn respect then we should teach it to them. Respect is learned over time and in years. Even as teenagers, there are times when we all acted disrespectfully but normally these types of behaviors faze out in time with good reminding. Family values have changed tremendously over the years, but what exactly is the cause of the change.



We all hear the complaints at our job, in the grocery store, and everywhere about unruly kids with no respect. We witness it in public places. We see eyes roll in disgust when it appears suddenly, like a bad omen. Truly, we've become a society who likes to complain with no action to change things. We tend to mind our own business so not to rock the boat.

Raising kids used to be a family effort many years ago. You know, the parents lived with grandma and grandpa until they could afford their own house. Then grandma and grandpa eventually moved in with them. The kids were raised by all. Believe me, they were more afraid of grandma and grandpa sometimes. Neighbors looked out for neighbors and their kids as well. If Johnny was caught doing some bad deed and Mrs. Jones saw him do it, he knew dad would know by the time he got home.

What has happened to that great system of working together to raise a decent family? Sure, you can blame divorce partly. The split up of the American family has put a big negative in child rearing.

My point, though, is simply what has happened to people. Families have stopped talking, neighbors don't even know each others name. Instead, they know the name and color of their neighbors' cars. That may sound funny, but it's really sad, when years ago, neighbors knew the name of all your kids. This kept these kids out of trouble most of the time. They knew they were accountable to someone, whoever might see them do something wrong.

I am sure somewhere there are small towns that still operate like the old days. They all look out for one another as if they were related somehow.

If we offer our kids just a piece of what is in our souls, it may touch their hearts so that some day it will make a difference in their lives.

If we offer our neighbor's, friends, or family's children just a piece of what is in our soul, it may touch their hearts so that some day it will make a difference in their lives.

Think back to your childhood years to just one person who offered some insight, a piece of their soul. I can think of many in my life and it always seemed as if that moment rang true when I most needed it. My point is we all cared about each other, related or not. The kids were tremendously affected by this growing up, in a positive way.

This is not a full time job; this is just part of life, a part a lot of us have forgotten about. We need to be role models and mentors for the kids of our nation, like it used to be so many years ago when family values were a way of life.