It is important to build happy, wholesome, family relationships.

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No matter the size or composition of the family unit, it's important that we are strong enough to withstand the challenges and adversities that will come from every direction as we raise our children. 

Take this simple test to determine how strong your family values are.

Rate each question with:  Yes - Somewhat - No


  • The safe feeling of having enough money to pay our bills and keep out of debt.
  • The peace of mind that results from thrift, wise use of resources, and a nest egg to get us through emergencies.
  • Our family has the satisfaction of a high credit rating that comes with strict honesty and moral trust in all dealings.


  • Well-planned meals, with all essential nutrients provided each day.
  • Family activities that encourage exercise and health.
  •  A home that is based on love which feeds the heart and lifts the soul to meet the demands that challenge us each day.
  • A home that is clean and orderly and a suitable setting for healthful family living.


  • A home that makes cold days feel warm and hot days feel cool.  Where all have a place for relaxation, rest, and the rebuilding of inner resources.


  • All have a feeling of protection against intruders, with each person having one place in the home that is strictly his own, even if it is only a small corner or a dresser drawer.
  • A feeling of protection from destructive outside influences such as the internet and the  social media.  All are taught about the dangers that can come from these destructive outside influences.


  • A love of all people and a sharing with them of family fun and hospitality, at mealtimes, family nights, and on special occasions.


  • A home that is planned so that work and activities may be carried on easily.


  • Special interests, such as music, art, books, collections, pets, or crafts are encouraged and occupy much of our "at home" time.
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Religious and Family History Activity

  • Family and individual prayers, blessing on the food and reading the scriptures are encouraged.
  • Planning for Church attendance and activity.
  • Study of ancestors by writing in our on journals and having family histories completed.
  • Maintain family blogs.

Educational and Cultural Ambitions

  • Enough schooling to help each family member to live an abundant life
  • Family trips and excursions to learn more about the world and its people.
  • Family trips to local parks and museums on a regular basis.
  • A home library of books and music to provide opportunities for home concerts and book reviews.

Provision for Beauty

  • A home made more beautiful though creative efforts.
  • Attractive clothes to help us look, feel and act our best. Clothes that are neat, clean and mended.
  • Each person is encouraged to strive for beauty within and emphasis in on a healthful natural beauty on the outside.

As you assess your family values and lifestyle you may add new categories that you feel are important.  This test is only a springboard to get you thinking about the direction you may want to take with your family.

To reap rich rewards as a family you must take actions to set your family on the correct pathways.  Of primary importance is first, a condition of having happy relationships in all family groups.  We must encourage a feeling of love and sincerity that permeates the home that can be recognized by anyone who visits the family.