Do you value your family?

How much time do you spend with your parents in today’s bustling world? How many times have you helped out your young siblings with their homework? When was the last time you allowed your family members to share their feelings with you?

Such thought provoking questions are neglected in the present society. It’s a world where everyone is preoccupied with some material aspiration.  Human relationships have fallen as a prey to advance scientific inventions and material obsession. As a result, people are detached from their families. They are bound to live a life that leads to the horrors of depression,   even those who are affluent are not contented with their lives either. Why? The answer to this question is present in the article, No. of people dying alone rises in no-relationship, it was published on Feb, 15, 2011 in Japanese newspaper, Tokyo. This article talks about the importance of relationship in man’s life. It is evident that a person needs to be in relationship or among relatives. As Aristotle says, ‘Man is a social animal.’ It is necessary for him to share his personal feelings and thoughts with his family. That is the reason why people are getting more depressed . They are ignorant of the fact that being with family is a solution to their problems and quandaries. They need to know the value of their families; they need to learn how to value their families. Rather than being glued to their  i-phones, lap tops etc. they need to be remain close to their families.  

Therefore, one should try and realize the significance of family life. In order to know the importance of family in today’s society, you need to enumerate the benefits of family life. So, be compassionate in doing so, as Karen Armstrong says, think how your family nurtured and polished your personality, and ponder over the role of your father, mother and siblings collectively.

  1. Contemplate on a collective role of your family. When you are unaccompanied you need to go through thick and thin of life independently. On the other hand, if you are with family then you are privileged to seek advice from your elders. Their assistance will help you to take effective and strong decisions. So, decision making becomes easier.
  2. Basic role of a family is that it never allows you to feel lonely. In every predicament of life you will find your own people standing erect beside you. And you will never feel alienated irrespective of good and bad days of life.
  3. If you are contented with your family then you are the happiest person on the face of earth. For the reason that being with family is a blessing. The satisfaction and contentment that you receive from a family is irreplaceable and priceless. It can’t be bought from money or gold coins.

These are the dedications of family. One should embrace his family to escape from the permanent silence and obsessing life style. A united family is as hard as rock, it can go through the perils of life without any hesitation. It can bring colours to the bleak world of materialization and virtual unity. Family also performs a functional role at large. Good Family also plays an integral part at large; united families turn out to be a good and perfect nation. And the world is gradually realizing this fact. The Guardian Newspaper of England has started to publish a section that elaborates on family relationships. They are now trying to highlight the role of family in society. That is not only necessary for individuals but for the whole nation. As Napoleon Bonaparte says,

‘Give me good mothers I will give you good nation.’