London is a rich and vibrant city with a fantastic assortment of sights to choose from and a fantastic history to explore. Family breaks in London make for a great short getaway and give you a great chance to enjoy the nation’s capital. London is easily the best city to take your family too with fantastic museums, stunning shows and great attractions.  Here we’re going to look at the best family attractions in London and where you can stay for a weekend or week’s break.

The big sights

Of course if this is the first time you take your family to London for a break then you’re going to want to see some of the capital’s most famous landmarks. Top of the list should be Buckingham palace and the Houses of Parliament with nearby Big Ben. These are iconic British landmarks and of course spectacular. The London Eye is a great attraction for kids and adults alike and the views are absolutely spectacular. Nearby Tower Bridge is great and the tower of London is a must visit family attraction with the crown jewels and the dungeons being a fun place for kids with a rich history for adults to enjoy. Finally, of course, you will probably want to visit Trafalgar square and the beautiful parks around St. James and Hyde Park.

The children’s attractions

Of course the big attractions need to be seen but you’ll undoubtedly want to visit the more child friendly attractions to break up the trekking and the history (after all kids get bored far too easily). The best things to go and see are undoubtedly the museums which are completely free and offer fantastic interactive experiences and a plethora of history and science to enjoy. The two big ones of course are the natural history museum and the science museum. The natural history museum is perfect for anyone wanting to explore the fantastic natural history of the world and of course it has an incredible collection of Dinosaur skeletons that are without a doubt most kids favourites. The science museum in turn is an interactive paradise with great hands on displays as well as an excellent space exhibition. The other museums aren’t quite as interesting for children but contain a fantastic array of history and culture. However, London has a number of other really great attractions aimed at kids with the London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds and the Planetarium and London Zoo being amongst the best. London Zoo is a firm kids favourit and they do exceptional conservation work there. Madame Tussauds is  fun but a little tacky and your kids probably won’t recognise most of the wax models but will still have some fun.

Other Kid friendly activities

Outside of the attractions London also has plenty for kids. If you’re on a short break there then catching a show is an absolute must. The musicals are incredibly popular (though not cheap) with the Lion King being a firm family favourite. The area around Covent Garden is alive with street performers and theatres which will keep your little ones amused for hours.

Where to stay

It can be a little expensive staying in London which is possibly one of the biggest drawbacks. You can consider staying out of the city to save money and catching  a train in (which saves money but loses time) or opt for one of the less great hotels in the city (prices about  £80 a night and up). Alternatively London apartments offer a more home away from home feel but again are going to set you back a little. If you know people in the city I’d recommend grabbing some couches if you can as it’s definitely the cheapest option.