A famous artists list may vary if the compiler of the list is trying to cover certain mediums, such as painting versus sculpture, or if the compiler is looking at Modern versus Masters.  Here are a few that make my famous artists list.

The Polish Rider by Rembrandt

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

Rembrandt lived in the 1600’s in Netherlands.  He came from a large family and attended college.  However, he soon opened his own art studio, and then started accepting students of his own.  During his lifetime he was recognized as an accomplished painter, but was never financial stable.  He lived beyond his means, often buying other artist’s works.

Sir Peter Paul Rubens

Sir Peter Paul Rubens 

A Flemish painter, Rubens lived from 1577-1640, working as an artist and diplomat.  He is well known for his paintings as his altarpieces.  He was active throughout Europe, both as a artist and a diplomat.  He, at one time, was the court painter for Albert VII, Archduke of Austria.  His work as a diplomat included trying to bring peace between the Spanish Netherlands, and the Dutch Republic.  One of his paitings, the Massacre of the Innocents, sold in 2002 for $76.2 million and is the current record for an Old Master Painting.

Claude Monet

Living from 1840 to 1926, Claude Money was the founder of French impressionist painting.  In fact, the term impressionism comes from the tile of one if his paintings, Impression, SunrisClaude Monete. As a child, he would sell his charcoal drawings.  When he was older, he moved to Paris, and saw painters copying other paintings, a common practice.  However, Monet would instead paint what he say.  He joined the army for a time, and when he got out, when to art school.  He soon left school, not liking the way the teachers taught.  He joined with other painters, and started painting with techniques that would be later be called impressionism.  The term was coined by a critic and was meant to be derogatory, but the group took it for themselves.  Several of his paintings have sold recently for over $70 million dollars.

Vincent Van Gogh

A Dutch painter of the 1800’s, Van Gogh suffered from mental illness, and died at early at the age of 37, of a gunshot wound, thought to be self-inflicted.  He drew even as child, and did so his wVincent Van Goghhole life, but did not make the decision to become an artist until his late 20’s.  He studied to become a pastor and a missionary, but failed both attempts at tests that were needed.  He did work as a missionary for a time, but had a difference of opinion with church leaders who let him go.  Upon deciding to be an artist, he started painting, and before his death 10 years later, completed over 2000 pieces.  Most of his best know art works, were done in the last few years of his life.  He suffered from mental instability his whole life, but it grew worse at the end.  He was often unable to paint during periods of instability, and that may have added to his problem.  He shot himself in the chest and dies several days later. 


Any list of famous artists could go on almost forever.  Here are a few that should make any famous artists list.  What artists would you add?

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