Siblings. They're one of the only people that we can love AND hate at the same time. Everyone is competitive with their siblings and although adults might get along well with their brothers or sisters, there is always an underlying competitiveness to the relationship.
Celebrities are no different. Celebrities are people just like us (only they are better looking and more successful, and they probably smell better too). And celebrities have siblings.

Here's a list of 6 celebrities and their more talented siblings:

Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck

Ben Affleck is easily more famous than his younger brother but Casey is the more talented one. Ben Affleck's good looks and goofy boyish charm make him ideal for roles as an action or romantic lead but Casey's talent as an actor makes him a far better actor.

Verdict: Casey.

The Sheen/Estevez Family

Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Renee Estevez, and Ramon Estevez. Charlie is clearly the most famous right now, particularly because of his struggles with drugs and, well, with seeming like an adult. But he was in a hit TV show and will be starting a new show in the fall. But Emilio and their sister Renee are possibly more talented. At the very least, Emilio and Renee stay out of the tabloids, so that's something.

Verdict: Emilio and Renee.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal

Both are very talented actors. Jake loses a point for his work in the move "The Day After Tomorrow" but he has done some very powerful work, too. Maggie has avoided some of the bigger blockbuster movies and seems to focus on artier flicks.

Verdict: Undecided. Who do you think?

River Phoenix and Joachim Phoenix

River Phoenix had a promising career ahead of him before he passed away suddenly. Joachim was an excellent actor until he took a ridiculous diversion into "retiring from acting" and spent the year being a weirdo with a beard. (Casey Affleck was involved that somehow). River's career didn't get far enough. Joachim's career went too far.

Verdict: Undecided. Who do you think?

Emily Deschanel and Zooey Deschanel

Emily Deschanel is well known for her work in Bones but little else. Zooey is a surprising talent who has snuck onto the scene and is proving to be a promising talent.

Verdict: Zooey.

Macauley Culkin and Rory Culkin

Macauley Culkin has, unfortunately, followed the career path of many child stars and his career seems to have fizzled out a little. He is best known for his work in Home Alone which, although entertaining and iconic in some ways, is a shadow he can't seem to escape from. His brother Rory hasn't had the mega hit that Macauley had but his resume reads along the lines of an actor who is actually doing some interesting things in Hollywood.

Verdict: Rory.

Jessica Simpson and Ashley Simpson

Both of these stars have had big successes and made big, boneheaded mistakes. Jessica, though, is more famous for looking like a Barbie doll and being romantically linked to people. Ashley may earn some criticism for her fake nose or her fake dance moves on Saturday Night Live but she hasn't followed in her sister's footsteps and has carved out a successful career as a musician.

Verdict: Ashley.

The Baldwins

Alec, Stephen, Daniel, William. This one is difficult because they all suck. Alec is the most famous – he's the oldest and has had the most success. Are the other ones more talented? Not really. And don't say Adam Baldwin because he's not related.

Verdict: None of the Baldwins.

In families that produce mulitple actors, some have talent and some have success; those might be two different people in the same family. Who is your favorite celebrity siblings (please don't say "Mary-Kate and Ashley") and which one is the most talented of the pair?