Famous Celebrity Tattoos

Famous People And Their Tattoo Designs

Some big name stars and celebrities have gotten tattoos over the past few years. This probably doesn't thrill their agents, but the public seems to love it. This article is all about a few of the most famous celebrity tattoos and their owners.

It's risky business for a celebrity, actor or model to get a tattoo. Famous celebrity tattoos are well known partly because they are nice designs, but also because a celebrity is highly visible. Celebrity tattoo designs vary greatly from person to person, based on what they deal with. People will usually either love or hate them. 

Let's take a look at a few great famous celebrity tattoo designs!

Famous Celebrity Tattoos: Mike Tyson

Famous People And Their Recognizable Tattoo Designs

famous celebrity tattoos: Mike TysonCredit: blippit.com

Mike Tyson possesses one of the most recognizable and infamous celebrity tattoo designs out there... because it's on his face! Tyson's distinctive tribal facial tattoo covers the left side of his face, wrapping around his eye in a unique pair of 'wings'. 

Why did Mike Tyson decide to go with such a tattoo? He got it in Las Vegas in 2003 while he had a little bit of downtime. You know what they say about Vegas! As famous celebrity tattoos go, this one is pretty visible, and I'm sure his agent wasn't thrilled by it. 

Mike Tyson's celebrity tattoo design is parodied in the film The Hangover II, when the character played by Ed Helm receives a similar facial tattoo! Due to the celebrity of the design, the original tattoo artist sued Warner Bros. (who produced the film) over copyright infringement!

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Famous Celebrity Tattoos: Angelina Jolie

Famous People and Their Tattoos

Angelina Jolie is well known for her famous celebrity tattoos. She still describes herself as a "tattooed punk kid" to this day. She has many tattoos, and they all have distinct meaning to her.

famous celebrity tattoos: Angelina Jolie(54303)Credit: fanpixx.blogspot.com

She has a tattoo on her left shoulder blade consisting of script written in the Khmer language, which is the native tongue of Cambodia. It's a prayer of protection for herself and her (many) children.

Jolie has a famous celebrity tattoo on her back, a simple three-word tattoo that says "Protect Your Rights", a line from a song by one of her favorite bands.

famous celebrity tattoos: Angelina JolieCredit: freetattoodesigns.org/angelina-jolie-tattoos.html

One of her most famous celebrity tattoos was created (partially to cover up a former tattoo of a dragon and Billy Bob's name that she had laser removed) to remind her of her children. This tattoo consists of the geographical coordinates of her children's birthplace, and husband  Brad Pitt's too.  

Famous Celebrity Tattoos: Victoria Beckham

Famous People and Their Famous Tattoos

famous celebrity tattoos: Victoria BeckhamCredit: mybodydecor.com

Victoria Beckham is another person who has a very unique famous celebrity tattoo, this one is located on her back. It's a script which runs down her back along the length of her spine, and it looks very nice and feminine. The script used is actually Hebrew, and it's a verse from the Bible (from Song of Solomon specifically).

The verse means (among other things) "I am my love's, and my love is mine". This is a romantic tattoo that refers to her marriage with soccer star David Beckham. This is a nice example of a famous celebrity tattoo that preserves a bit of tastefulness; this tattoo is very subtle and has a romantic and personal meaning to her. 

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Famous Celebrity Tattoos: Lots Of Others...

There are a LOT of celebrities with tattoos out there. When I began my search I could hardly believe the number. It seems that the only thing tattoos like more than awards ceremonies and red carpets is tattooing themselves!

Do some searching around and you'll find lots of examples of famous celebrity tattoos, tattoos of stars that work, and some that don't!