Commemorative postage stamps

With so many famous people featured on postage stamps throughout the world one would be spoiled for choice if asked to make a selection of one’s favorite stamps. Your favorite stamps and your favorite people might even be different even if those people you like have been commemorated on stamps. Some postage stamps are beautifully produced but may not be of people you admire or even consider worthy enough to be featured on a country’s stamps. It should be added that this article features real people who are famous and not famous fictional characters such as Dracula, Harry Potter characters or Disney cartoon stamps. Collecting stamps of famous people is fascinating and a collection of USPS issues might feature US presidents, such as Lincoln, Washington or JFK or might have other world leaders commemorated that have had US connections of some kind. Philately is a hobby that can be adjusted to suit particular interests and it possible to have a stamp collection featuring just one single genre. The stamps selected for this article feature a legendary footballer, a TV personality and a famous author from days past.

Pele postage stamp

Pele postage stamp issued by MaltaSome countries recognize their influence that certain sports people have had on a particular sport or culture. Malta recognized the genius of the soccer player Pele when they issued this stamp pictured opposite. Pele played soccer for Brazil and is considered by many to have been the best soccer player ever. Pele’s full name is Edison Arantes do Nascimento, which is a bit of a mouthful, but he is much better known as Pele. He is a native of Brazil, a country where he will always be regarded as national hero. After his retirement as the ‘King of Football’ he worked tirelessly to improve the plight of the poor in Brazil. In particular he wanted to assist poor kids in his homeland. Pele played his football for his club called Santos, in Brazil. He played for his country in the world cup finals and is the only player to have 3 world cup winner medals. He became the youngest player to play and to score in a final in 1958.

Lucille Ball postage stamp

Lucille Ball postage stamp USAFor this second stamp we switch from sport to the world of entertainment. Lucy, as she was known from her TV appearances, was commemorated on a 34 cent USPS postage stamp in 2001. Her full name was Lucille Désirée Ball and her fame came from her acting ability (she lived into her late 70s). She was recognized on postage stamps because of her huge connection with the American viewing public who loved her TV shows. Lucy was the star of several top shows including The Lucy Show and its spin-off sitcoms I Love Lucy, Here's Lucy and Life With Lucy. She won four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement Award and a host of other awards. She was nominated on countless occasions for different acting awards. Stars do not always get commemorated on postage stamps but it is a great honor to be so recognized and this image shows Lucy in her heyday. Lucy was one, of only a few women to appear on a postage stamp.

F Scott Fitzgerald postage stamp

F Scott Fitzgerald postage stamp USAFor the final stamp under consideration we move from sports and we move from sport and entertainment to the literary world. F Scott Fitzgerald was a famous American author who was commemorated on a postage stamp issued by the USPS in 1996. His full name is Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. F Scott Fitzgerald is regarded as the greatest American writer of his time which was at the start of the twentieth century. The Great Gatsby is the classic work of the author and it was made into a successful movie as was another of his novels called ‘Tender is the Night’. This U.S. Postal Service stamp of Scott Fitzgerald was designed by Michael Deas.

Collecting stamps

Charlton Heston postage stampCredit: USPSCollecting stamps is a hobby that will enthrall you throughout your life and will continue to change as the years pass by. You children and your children’s children can carry on the tradition of collecting stamps once the interest is developed in your family’s culture. Numerous stamp issuers are continuing to produce postage stamps of the highest quality and modern printing techniques is introducing great variety into stamps including 3-D images and stamps of the most unusual shapes.

Customized Postage

Forget about the famous people or famous inventions on stamps for a moment because you can be featured on a postage stamp too. The USPS provides the means to do so with Zazzle®. You can create a unique postage stamp in any size or denomination (excluding the forever stamp). You simply upload the image or images that you want to appear on the stamp and the software will take care of the rest, so you do not need to have a degree in graphic design. Pay for your order and the stamps will be shipped to you. It costs $18.95 for 20 stamps. They are so creative and beautiful that you will be reluctant to put them on a letter, but rest assured that they are perfectly legal postage stamps for use with the U.S. Mail service.

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