Most shows are shot on a studio set but many of the outside shots used are of real homes. There have been many homes made famous in San Francisco by being portrayed in movies and television. Here are 10 famous homes in San Francisco.

1. The Full House
1709 Broderick Street

 This was the building that was for the outer shots. This is the Tanner Family dwelling from the classic family sitcom “Full House” If you like this show then you can read more about this house on the article The Real Full House-The True Scoop on the Tanner from the Classic Sitcom.

2. Mrs. Doubtfire House
2640 Steiner Street

One the corner of Broadway and Steiner Street is the home utilised for the exterior shooting of Mrs. Doubtfire. If you have not seen this movie then you need to watch it. Robin Williams is truly funny in this funny movie.

3. That’s So Raven
461 Ashbury Street

That’s so Raven was set in SFrancisco but was not filmed there. The home used for the exterior shots of the home in That’s so Raven is a real home. You can go and visit the home. It may not be as famous or as popular as other homes on this list but your young daughter or son may easily recognize it from the television show.

4. Alcatraz
Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz is not only a real home but numerous movies have been made about and even filmed there. Alcatraz Island is a must-visit place in Francisco. Make sure you get on the earliest boat heading out to “The Rock” so you can avoid the long tourist lines that occur during the day.

5. Party of Five
2311 Broadway

I am not a fan of Party of Five but it was an extremely popular show with many teen girls and even some boys. If you liked Party of Five then you can go visit the exterior of the home while in S.F.