Life quotes have been a way for me to remember that better people than me have been through worse things and come through it gracefully. Most of us probably have post it notes on a mirror or highlighted portions of books that we want to remember because it sums up who we want to be or where we are in a more eloquent way that gives us hope. Here are the sayings and mottos that have really inspired me and changed the way I think.

Famous Quotes

Famous Quotes

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Lasting Life Quotes

I'll be honest; most of my favorite famous quotes are from TV shows like “How I Met Your Mother” or “Gilmore Girls”. However, this Henry Ford quote is eloquent and has also stood the test of time. It's been in most motivational books and even in lots of law of attraction and new age books that I've read. At times it’s quoted so often that I forget just how profound it actually is.

A story from my own life that proves this is when I was looking for an apartment. For the past 15 years I had wanted to move to a town in Utah with a great outdoor lifestyle and the most fantastic views I'd ever seen. It was totally out of reach because houses and rent were both four to seven times the average in the rest of my state. At that moment I was so poor that my big goal for the year was to get a coffee table book of the scenery there so I could look at it every day.

I decided to move as close to this town as I could because at least then I could drive there once a week or so. Luckily, my job is mobile so I had an option to live anywhere and I wanted to live as close to my dream as possible. I couldn't find any apartments in neighboring towns that were acceptable. I had looked in person and was looking online and saw this ad in the corner of the screen that there were new inexpensive apartments in my dream town. I didn't click on it for a while because I thought it would still be at least three times as much as I could afford. However, eventually I did click on it which is how I ended up living in my dream town. The apartment has a waiting list that is now several years long and I got one of the last available units. If I had just thought that it was totally impossible for me to get what I wanted at that moment then I would have totally missed out on my dream just like Mr. Ford said.

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

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When I think of failure I don't normally think of Thomas Edison. If I had an office and some vinyl wall decals this quotes would be up there. It's really my mantra for the entire year.

In the past six years I have been heavily involved in writing articles and building websites. You may be thinking "How do life quotes help you with that?" I have tried every basic method out there and if I had succeeded every time an ebook promised me I would I’d be a millionaire by now with all the work I’ve put in. I have read about this field as much as I did my own college degree. I have persisted. However, at times it still does feel like I have failed. I've watched many new bloggers become superstars and never been a top earner on any article site I've written at. I need to remember that I haven't failed because I have managed to stay out of debt and support myself through this process and am still in business in an economy when many larger companies are going out of business. I keep going though because I honestly believe in this quote. What would the world have been like if Thomas Edison threw his hands up at number 9,999?

Inspirational Quotes

My Favorite Life Quotes

There is a poem that is often entitled anyways and talks about forgiving people who maybe don't deserve it; and being kind when it's not recognized. It ends with a line that's something like "It was always between you and God, it was never between you and them anyways". I think this is probably my favorite of all life quotes.

This quote is often attributed to Mother Teresa and it sure sounds like something she would have said. However, there have also been stories that she just had this hung on the wall of one of her orphanages. Instead, this quote actually comes from The Paradoxical Commandments according to wikiquote by Kent M. Keith. I think a lot about how people in much tougher situations were perfect examples of forgiveness or kindness when they suffered greater atrocities then I could ever imagine and had less to work with. If they can do it then surely I can find some kindness. This is probably the most powerful impact that life quotes can have. Instead of just being some writing on a scrap of paper it can actually inspire you to be a better person. There are so many times when I'm right and I know I'm right and arguing that I'm right seems like well the right thing to do so that everyone else knows it too. I always try to keep that one line in my mind though. I can give the other person the control or I can maintain it just by knowing it's how I act even in the face of pressure or opposition that matters the most.

How to Use Quotes about Life

Some of my favorite sayings can't be sourced. I tend to like simpler sayings just because I can remember them. I love the decor trend of just decorating with words especially since I'm a freelance writer. One of my mantras is just the word "beleive" which isn't technically part of any quotes but it sure has a lot to do with my life. I don't know who said it first. However, I have it on a Christmas ornament that I got during one of the more difficult times of my life. I keep it on top of my jewelry box to remind myself both of where I've been and also how far just simply believing that things would get better took me. I never could have imagined that everything would have been resolved so beautifully or how all of the pieces of my life would've come together. Do you have one word that really inspires you or sums up your life?